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What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday // #WW

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for photos.  The colors are magnificent and the air has a slight chill.  The yellow, orange, red, and green of the changing leaves make for the most beautiful backgrounds so you’ll find me outside most days, camera in hand, capturing the kids as they play.

BGLB Fourwheeler Oct 2013

I bought this little Power Wheels Lil Quad for Bryson’s first Christmas back in 2009 and it’s still going strong.  It’s supposed to be Batman themed, but we never put the stickers on.  It survived Bryson and just keeping going and going with Bella so I’m sure it will make it through Brynlee too.  I grabbed it during the hot holiday sales at Amazon that year for around $45 so I would say it’s been well worth the money.  I love it when products surprise you and are better than expected!

How cute is Bella in her new pink helmet!?  She loves it!

BAB Fourwheel Oct 2013

Bryson has now graduated up to this bigger fourwheeler and I’m still not certain how I feel about that.  He handles it wonderfully, but it just feels like he shouldn’t be big enough just yet.  Justin and Dad fixed it so it won’t go fast and we have a “no helmet, no ride” rule.  I can tell you how he feels about it- he’s over the moon!  Nothing but a big ole ear-to-ear grin while he’s riding!

Kids Fourwheeler Oct 2013

He was even kind enough to take his sister for a ride last week.  She giggled and laughed the entire ride.


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