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Library Story Time: Fire Prevention Week

I enrolled Bryson and Bella in story time at our local library and this week was their (mostly his) favorite week yet.  To celebrate Fire Prevention Week, a local fire department came out to talk to the kids, show them their equipment and trucks, and give them little goody bags.  Our morning didn’t get off to the best start because as we went to leave, my van would not crank.  Oh, the horror.  I couldn’t find the key to our other vehicle or a jump-start and Justin wouldn’t answer his phone.  Bryson and I were both ready to cry.  Bella, the one responsible for turning every light in the van on and killing the battery, could not have cared less.  Thankfully, my parents were able to come to our rescue and we were only 15 minutes late to story time.

Fire Truck Fire Prevention Week

I have been very impressed with our little local library and their children’s program.  They really go above and beyond what I expected from such a tiny town and the kids enjoy it.  Some mornings, I have to give them a little nudge because they are homebodies like I am, but once we are there, they always have fun.  They listen to a story, sing a song and dance, complete a worksheet, create a craft, enjoy a snack, and then finish with a short show- all within an hour!

Library Story Time

Since our home burned down when I was the eighth grade, fire prevention week is close to my heart.  Not only that, but anyone who willingly volunteers to fight those fires has a special place in my heart too.  I watched them fight a losing battle as our home went up in smoke and flames that November morning in 2002 and they didn’t give up.  They knew when they arrived that it was too late to save our home, but they gave it their all and in the end, we did walk away with a few things and a couple popcorn tins that contained family photos.  Bryson will often ask about the house I lived in when I was born and the house I grew up in so he knows about the fire although he isn’t old enough to understand the devastation it brought into my life.

Story Time Firefighters

Bryson was totally into the firefighters and their trucks.  He usually sticks close to me even if that means I’m hanging out in the back, but that was not the case here.  He wanted to be front and center, asking questions, answering their questions, volunteering to touch and feel the different equipment on the trucks, and I was so proud.  It was a relief, because sometimes I wonder if I keep him too close, but his actions assured me that we are doing just fine.  When he’s interested in something, he has no problem putting himself out there.  He didn’t mind that I wasn’t right at his side and his face was lit up in the biggest smile.

Library Story Time

Bella wasn’t nearly as interested, but that’s nothing new.  She did pose for a picture in the fire truck, but during the presentation, she looked at me and said “I’m ready to go home!” and then wondered off to check out the fence.  She is so funny and just a mess.  She’s a little busy bee and impossible to entertain for more than a minute or two.  Instead of checking out a firefighter in his full gear, she grabbed a book and sat down with it like she’s sees firefighters every day.

Story Time Fire Prevention

After checking out the trucks, everyone went back inside where the kids put out imaginary fires, made their very own fire helmets, and then ate their snacks.  I seriously love our little library and I’m thankful for the time, money, and resources they dedicate to the kids.

When we went to leave, my van was dead again.  Luckily, my dad had sent his jump-start with me just in case and I knew how to work it.  It’s still giving trouble, so it looks like we are going to have to replace the battery.  Bella got a little lesson on why we don’t turn all the lights on in a vehicle, but I’m not sure it did much good, ha.

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