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KidKraft Wall Storage Unit // Play Room Organization

We received the KidKraft Wall Storage Unit featured in this post for our review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.

When I began planning out our playroom, I knew I needed storage. Lots of storage. Between our school supplies and the endless toys, we have a lot of stuff. I love the saying “A place for every thing and every thing in it’s place.” because that is how I function. A floor full of toys? That’s okay for a few hours while the kids play, but after that, those toys need picked up and put away or it drives me insane. KidKraft is a brand I trust so I knew the KidKraft Wall Storage Unit would work perfectly to fit our storage and organization needs in the playroom.  We already own the KidKraft Nantucket Table, Chairs, & Bench set as well as the KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen, so I know all about the excellent quality and durability of KidKraft furniture.

 KidKraft Kids Furniture

I chose the KidKraft Wall Storage Unit because it has a small footprint, but offers tons of storage and organization at over 4′ tall.  It’s available in espresso with primary colored bins and white with pastel colored bins like pictured above.  It offers 8 bins and a total of 13 storage compartments!

KidKraft Wall Storage Unit Assembly

This was our (and by our, I mean Justin’s) second large piece of KidKraft furniture to assemble.  He put together the Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen as a Christmas gift for Bella back in 2011.  I love that KidKraft includes detailed, easy-to-follow instructions as well as labeled pieces.  They take the guesswork out of building the furniture.  Even the screws, bolts, and smaller pieces are neatly packaged and easy to find when you need them.  Looking at so many pieces can seem overwhelming and while the assembly process is time-consuming, it’s easy and frustration-free.

KidKraft Wall Storage Unit Organization

I can think of a million different uses for the KidKraft Wall Storage Unit.  It’s perfect for storing sports equipment and balls, stuffed animals and toys, books, or shoes and kids clothing.  I use it to store our large cardboard blocks on bottom, different toys to go with our weekly themes in the bins, and then school work, books, and three-ring binders in the open shelving.  Because of it’s great size, it can hold our larger puzzles and items that won’t fit in our cubical shelving.  On top, I keep my laminator and use it to hold my MacBook Pro during school time.

KidKraft Wall Storage Unit

One last thing that I really like about the KidKraft Wall Storage Unit is that it makes clean-up a breeze for both mom and kids.  Bryson and Bella can easily reach all of the bins, so they can pull them out, dump them out, play, and then pick everything up and put it away.  They have no problem finding what they are looking for and having the easy-slide bins has cut down on the amount of whining when it comes to clean-up time.  Toss everything back in and put them up- it’s that easy!  You could take it a step more and print cute labels for each bin.

Yes, you could definitely say we are huge fans of KidKraft furniture!  I’m hoping to add one of their beautiful wooden dollhouses and a few of their outdoor furniture pieces to our KidKraft collection next.  The KidKraft Wall Storage Unit retails for $279.99, but is often on sale at  I think you’ll love the quality and the storage offered by this item.


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