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Popular Baby Gear for the Newborn Days (Daze?)

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As a new mom, the options are limitless when it comes to baby gear.  When I was pregnant with Bryson, I made the decision to buy most of our major gear in gender-neutral prints so I could reuse them with any other future babies.  Now that we are expecting baby #3, I know what works and is worth the money and which items are best left on the shelf.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years ago since I purchased our first pieces of baby gear for Bryson.  A few of my favorite products that have lasted are from Fisher Price.  We used both the Fisher Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing and Rainforest Deluxe Gym with Bryson and then with Bella and plan to bring them out again with Brynlee.  Products that last through two babies and are ready for the third?  That’s Fisher Price.

Bella Grace newborn fisher price swing

As a new mom, a swing was one of my most used pieces of baby gear.  In fact, the first picture I ever shared of Bella on this blog was of her in our Fisher Price Swing.  She was and still is a mama’s girl so those few minutes in the swing were my only break until Justin got home from work in the evenings.  This sparked a great discussion on my Facebook page about the most used gear in those early newborn days.  A swing and a Rock ‘n Play were some of the pieces everyone mentioned! Another commonly used product and one of my favorites is a bouncer. We have several bouncers and I keep them at the grandparents house too.

Banner Four

Introducing SnugaBear

I am totally loving the new SnugBear line from Fisher Price that’s available exclusively at Walmart.   It’s gender neutral and looks so comfortable for baby that I wish I needed new gear.  While I have a swing and bouncer already, I am going to purchase the SnugaBear Rock ‘n Play Sleeper for Brynlee.  It’s the one piece of baby gear that I don’t already own and have heard so many great things about.  I’ve mentioned before that neither Bryson or Bella slept well and so many moms have told me that their babies would only sleep in the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper so I am going to give it a try this time around.

Save on SnugaBear

For a limited time, Walmart will be offering a $20 Walmart eGift Card with the purchase of either the SnugaBear Rock N’ Play Sleeper or the SnugaBear Bouncer!  That knocks the price of Rock ‘N Play Sleeper down to $44.88 and the Bouncer down to $34.88 after you receive your gift card.  I’ve looked and you will not beat those prices.  This eGift Card offer is available exclusively at today and let Fisher Price prepare mom-to-be for every stage!

Seasoned Mamas:  What are some of your favorite baby gear products that you would recommend to new moms?
New Mamas:  Which items have been most recommended to you?  Which are you most excited to use?


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