GelPro Comfort Mats – Cooking Can Be Comfortable

We received the GelPro Comfort Mat featured in this post for review.

I’ve had a new companion in the kitchen for the last several months- a beautiful comfort mat from GelPro.  The designer rugs from GelPro aren’t just your every day, normal rugs.  They offer comfort and support for your feet, back, and legs.  With a nonslip backing and  fade & stain resistant cover, these mats are perfect for any room in the house.  As a work at home mom, the majority of my time spent on my feet is in the kitchen preparing meals, washing dishes, creating homemade play recipes, etc. so I knew that was where I would get the most use our of a GelPro comfort mat.

GelPro Comfort Mat

Justin remarked that he’d love to have entire floor covered with a GelPro mat and I have to agree.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever walked on before.  You can feel the support as soon as you step on the mat.  I was worried about it staining or getting dirty in the kitchen, but with regular vacuuming, it still looks like new.  Our kitchen is the highest-trafficked area in our home and it has held up better than I could have imagined.  I’d love to have another one near my stove and one for the bathroom.  GelPro mats would be  perfect by the tub and would save your knees while bathing little ones. The cover is removable and can even be machine washed when needed.

Gel Pro Kitchen Comfort Mat

GelPro Comfort Mats are made in the U.S.A. and are available online.  The ergo comfort mats come in over 30 design styles and prices start at $69.95.

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  1. I have always wondered about these. We walk past similar ones in the store and the kids and I always press on them and they SEEM comfortable. Some days I stand at my stove for 1-2 hours cooking. I need to check these out further, thanks!

  2. I couldn’t function without mine! Dishes wouldn’t get done!

  3. This would be lovely to use while standing over the stove or loading the dishwasher.

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