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Sears Back to School Fashions

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We are only days away from the month of August which means school is just right around the corner.  I’ve always loved back to school shopping and I’ve continued to shop the back to school sales since graduating high school.  Because the deals are so awesome, a little can go a long way so we buy supplies to donate to local children in need each year.  This year, we were excited to showcase Sears back to school fashions and donate a graphic tee and backpack to a child in need through our local tools for schools drive.

Sears Back to School Fashions

Sears Kids Fashion

Our 11 year old niece, Alix, stayed with us during the month of July.  She returned home yesterday along with a new back to school outfit and backpack from Sears.  It’s been a while since I’ve shopped in the juniors department as I usually hang out in the infant/ toddler department with a 2.5 & 4.5 year old.  The styles have definitely changed since I was a preteen, but that’s not say it’s a bad thing.  Sears offers over 2,000 denim styles in their stores so I knew they would have modest shorts for school.  These True Freedom Cuffed Denim Shorts hit Alix just above the knee and look adorable.

Sears Back to School Fashions

Alix shares my love of Hello Kitty and like me, I’m not sure if she’ll grow out of it.  I never did.  When I was growing up, Hello Kitty apparel was hard to find, but now I see it everywhere!  If they would have offered this peach Hello Kitty graphic tee in maternity sizes, I would have snatched one up for myself.  Instead, I picked one out for Alix and another to donate.  We weren’t sure which backpack Alix would prefer, so we picked up two that the same except for the print.  She’s really into peace signs, so it was no a surprise that she chose this one.  For more back to school fashions, visit the searsStyle site!

Sears Back to School Fashions

Back to School with Shop Your Way Rewards

I have been a shop your way rewards program member for several years.  It’s completely FREE to join and they send me money saving coupons to use online and in-stores.  With the points I earned on our last shopping trip, I was able to buy Bella a Hello Kitty shirt online for .04 (yes, FOUR CENTS) after my points were deducted.  Hello!?  Why wouldn’t you use the Shop Your Way Rewards program!?

Our backpack and graphic tee donation.
Our backpack and graphic tee donation.

Sears is featured in the latest edition Live SoFab Summer Digital Magazine!  For great summer ideas, check it out below.

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