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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Discover Boating. I received collateral to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I am so excited to announce that I have been chosen as a Discover Boating ambassador!  Until the summer of 2008, I had very little experience with boats.  That all changed when my dad bought a shiny new pontoon boat!  We are blessed to be surrounded by rivers and lakes, state parks and campgrounds, and great friends and family to spend time on the water with all summer long.

Discover Boating Weekend at the River

We spend every possible weekend at the river with my parents.  Bryson and Bella LOVE going out on “Pop’s boat!”  Bryson was 4 months old the first time he went out on the boat and now at 4 years old, he is crazy about it.  Last summer, he finally got to ride the tube for the first time and he thought he was so big.  We were out on the boat with my parents, our children, and Justin’s mom and step-dad so our families took turns and everyone had a blast.  We often have get-togethers at the river with the family and spend the day on the water.

Discover Boating River Weekend

Only a few weeks after these photos were taken last summer, I broke my leg and ankle, so my boating time came to an abrupt end.  I spent the rest of the summer missing out on the quality time with my family.  Breaking a leg and ankle would have be devastating any time, but to have it happen during the summer when we have so much fun together was a huge bummer.  That’s part of the reason I’m looking for the boating even more this year!

Discover Boating Weekend River

About Discover Boating

Discover Boating is a nonprofit program supported by the U.S. recreational boating industry to help people get on the water to experience the fun of boating. For those looking to get their feet wet, is an unbiased online resource to explore the enjoyment and accessibility of the boating lifestyle. Packed with easy, interactive features to familiarize people with all aspects of life on the water, has a boat selector guide, cost comparison tool, renting options, favorite boating destinations, links to education courses – even nautical lingo and how-to videos. Plus, the website offers tools and information for experienced boaters looking to learn more.

Father’s Day Contest

Celebrate your love of Dad and boating this Father’s Day! Share your favorite photo of you and your Dad enjoying a day on the water for a chance to win $250! Submit your photo on the Discover Boating Facebook app.

For more information, visit Discover Boating on Facebook and check out the boating & kids page for safety tips, recommended books, and more.


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