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Britax Frontier 90 Harness-2-Booster Carseat Review

My very first carseat purchase was a Britax Marathon.  After hours of research, I kept returning to the Britax brand and when my husband spotted the limited edition (and now discontinued) Mossy Oak print, that sealed the deal.  We haven’t looked back and have continued to be a Britax family.  Britax is a brand that I can stand behind 100% and that’s part of the reason that I’m so excited to share our Britax Frontier 90 Harness-2-Booster Carseat review.  Thanks to the folks at Britax for sending us the Frontier 90 to check out!

Britax Frontier 90 Review

In addition to the Britax Frontier 90, we also own the Britax Frontier 85 SICT, Marathon, Marathon 70, and Pavilion 70-G3, so I have quite a bit of experience with Britax seats.  While I’ve loved each Britax carseat, the Frontier 90 is definitely my favorite seat because it’s easy to use and offers great features that are time savers and comfortable for kids.  For a quick 4 minute overview and to see the Click Tight Installation System in action, check out my video below.  (Yes, I’m from Alabama.  Yes, I have a Southern accent.  You have been warned.  Oh, and it was like 95 degrees outside that day.)

Who is the Britax Frontier 90 for?

The Britax Frontier 90 Harness-2-Booster is seat is for children 2 years of age AND at least 25 pounds.  I love that they put an age limit on a forward facing only seat, since we know that children under 2 are much safer rearfacing.  Bella is currently 2.5 years old and 28 pounds so she meets the limits, but will continue riding rearfacing in her Britax Marathon 70 until she outgrows the seat rearfacing.

Britax Frontier 90 Click Tight Installation System

The Britax Frontier 90 features the Click Tight Installation System which is unlike anything else you’ll find on the market. Before the seat was released, I had read about this feature and thought it sounded too good to be true, but it isn’t. It is so, so good and so, so true. The seatbelt installation is simple, quick, and easy with the Click Tight technology.  To install, open the seat to reveal the Click Tight technology, thread the seatbelt through the green belt path, buckle it in, then close the compartment.  Finish by attaching your top tether anchor and you are ready to ride!  I can install the Britax Frontier 90 in about 60 seconds and the install is rock solid.

Britax Frontier 90 Carseat Review

The Britax Frontier 90 also comes with LATCH install, but with such an easy seatbelt install, I have a feeling the lower anchors will rarely be used. Keep in mind that vehicles and carseats have LATCH limits. Our Honda Odyssey has a LATCH limit of 40lbs, so we have to use the seatbelt install.

Favorite Britax Frontier 90 Features

Britax Fontier 90 EZ-Buckle

The EZ-Buckle, which I mentioned in my video, is such a time saver. When it’s pouring rain or ridiculously hot outside, the last thing I want to do is waste time digging the crotch buckle out from under my child. It’s just one of those small annoyances that builds up over time, no? You don’t have to worry about that with the Britax Frontier 90! With the EZ-Buckle, the crotch buckle will not flip backwards and will not get stuck under your child’s hiney. Thank you, Britax!

Britax Frontier Easy No-Rethread Harness

Being able to adjust the harness of the Britax Frontier 90 without uninstalling or removing the seat is a great time-saver.  It offers a no-rethread harness so adjustments are easy.  If needed, I could put Bella in Bryson’s Frontier 90 and adjust it to fit her within seconds.  The Frontier 85 requires that you remove the seat to adjust the harness from behind, so I’m glad to see this improvement on the Frontier 90!

Britax Frontier 90 Review Recline

I also like that the Britax Frontier 90 offers a recline when used as a harness seat.  This is something that the Britax Frontier 85 did not offer and it’s a nice feature especially for children who tend to fall asleep and slump over.

Britax Frontier 90 Cup Holders

Like the Frontier 85, the cup-holders on either side of the seat are great.  Bryson usually keeps them filled, one with a drink and the other with some small toy.

The Britax Frontier 90 is available in 5 colors and patterns.  The pattern featured in this post is Onyx.  You can find it on sale for around $230 at

I could go on and on about my love for the Britax Frontier 90, but I’m pushing 835 words as it is.  Britax seriously nailed it with seat.  My hope is that the ease of installation will cut down on carseat misuse, because it would be hard to mess this install up.  If you have a child that is ready for a forward facing seat, I highly recommend the Britax Frontier 90!  If you have any questions about this seat, installation, or specifications, feel free to get in contact with me and I’ll be happy to help!  Always, always read your manual as this review will not replace the instructions provided in it.

Thank you to Britax for providing this seat for our review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.


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  • Love Britax seats! I’m actually looking at which one we’re going to buy next for my 3.5 year old, who I’d like to keep harnessed, but is outgrowing her current seat. This ones going on our list!

  • Great review!! I just purchased it haha. Landon has been wanting a cup holder on his seat like his big brother, so I was thinking about getting something new. Upgrading from the Britax Marathon. 🙂

  • Awesome – Debating whether to get a booster for my toddler or a convertible for my infant… this may be the one for my toddler and infant can get the hand me down 🙂

  • I love the look of this car seat and hate when the buckle gets stuck under their little butts! It always seems to happen when it’s pouring out too.

  • We love Britax here too! And that seat looks like a great one! I love how detailed and informative your post is. thank you for that! And I have to agree, when it is pouring rain outside or too hot, the last thing you want to do is fumble with that belt! I love that it is easy to grab and buckle! Too cool!

  • We have this seat (in pink!) my favorite feature of it is actually where the bottom buckle is located. in our previous seat we had so many problems with getting the buckle out from underneath the butt 🙂 every detail is totally thought out.

  • I just bought this seat and I absolutely love it. It was so simple to put in the car and there is no movement. I truly feel like Ryder is as safe as he could be. I would highly recommend this seat.

  • Even though my daughter is not quite 5 and in the 50th percentile for SIX year olds, I’m still giving serious thought to this seat. It seems so amazing!

  • We have the original Britax Frontier that I purchased in 2009 for my then 4 1/2 yr old son. I was thrilled to be able to keep him harnessed for a few more years, but only ended up being able to until he was about 6 1/2. He is VERY tall for his age, and while his weight was not an issue for the harness, we ran out of vertical adjustment, and had to move him into the booster mode. Now that he is 8 1/2 (and the size of an 11 yr old) he no longer needs a seat of ANY kind (so scary and weird!) and so the Frontier became the seat in harness mode for my 4 yr old daughter in dad’s car. I guess I’m curious if they have altered the height allowance for harness mode on the new 90?
    Thank you for the reminder about the CAR’S weight limit for LATCH. My daughter is in a Boulevard in my Odyssey and she is just about 40 lbs, so I should probably be switching her seat’s installation this summer. I had totally forgotten about that detail!
    One last question, have you used an infant carrier car seat from Britax? We are expecting #3 the same week as you, and need a new infant seat for this one. I have started researching, but not too much. Looking for recommendations on that type of seat!

    • I’m not familiar with the original Frontier, but I did look it up for you. It had a top harness slot of about 18″ from the seat. The new Frontier 90 has a top harness height of 20.5″ so yes, the height allowance is higher on the new Frontier. It wasn’t long ago that I learned about LATCH limits, so I wanted to make sure I mentioned that. Glad it could serve as a reminder! Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with the Britax infant seats. I *think* they are going to send me one to review closer to my due date, but that will be too late for you to decide. Have you heard of the Facebook group Carseats for the Littles? I bet the could give you some great recommendations! Thanks for your comment!

  • I love that you don’t have to rethread or uninstall it. I like that it goes up to 90 lbs! Your video showing how to buckle it in was really helpful and I ADORE your accent. You are so cute. Once Nova is out of her infant seat, I really want a Britax. I know you know your carseats and definitely trust your judgement. This looks super comfortable too. Thanks for such a through review!

  • Nothing says safety to us like a Britax car seat. I admit they can be a bit bulky and heavy BUT they way they protect my children makes me forget that I lose a little room in my backseat. Worth the investment!

  • I’m a fan of Britax too, I love that you can adjust the harness so easily. It make safety a snap. I want to get something like this for my brother!

  • Wow, the install sounds SO easy. We have a Britax Advocate 70 G-3 that our 7-month-old is currently using to rear-face. We’ll have to look into this booster once she outgrows the seat. The Advocate is the first Britax we’ve had, and I love it.

  • Great review!! We are actually looking for a seat because we made a bad purchase with another brand. Seriously I think you sold me on it when you said that there is no digging around for that darn bottom buckle!!

  • I love Britax! I have the click connect infant car seat and this looks like the next one to get as baby grows. Thank you for doing such a great review of the features!

  • I actually live in Canada so think this new version is called the CT here. The old Frontier is on sale, but as you have had both would you recommend going with the new version? The seat belt install and recline look pretty awesome so am thinking it’d be worth it, but just thought I’d ask. Thank you!

    • I would definitely recommend the new Frontier 90. While both seats are great, I really love the ClickTight technology and the EZ Buckle on the Frontier 90. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to