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Samsung Smart Camera with WiFi, Photo Filters, Touch Screen, & More

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Samsung Smart Camera WB800F

We’ve all heard of smart phones, but have you heard about the Samsung smart cameras?  It’s been about 4 years since I switched to solely using my big, bulky DSLR camera and up until Friday night, I didn’t even own a point and shoot camera anymore.  While I love my DSLR, it’s heavy and there are times like at events that carrying around my camera bag and several lenses is just too much.  Since getting my iPhone, I’ve relied on it when I didn’t want to use my DSLR.  Cell phone cameras are fantastic for the ease of use, but the photo quality just isn’t there when you see the prints in hand.  For that reason, I’m glad to own a point and shoot camera again, except that the Samsung smart camera is much more than just a point & shoot.

Samsung Compact Smart Camera with WiFi

Samsung Smart Camera Features

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 3″ Hybrid Touch Screen
  • 21x Optical Zoom
  • Social Sharing
  • Photo Filters
  • E-mail Shaing
  • Full HD Video
  • Automatic Backup

Smart Cameras Wi-Fi Social Sharing

My mom, dad, husband, and I took a trip to the nearest Sam’s Club to find the Samsung Smart Camera.  They had the bundle which included the camera, USB cord, wall charger, an 8gb memory card, and camera case on sale for $249.88.  My mom has been a member of Sam’s Club for as long as a I can remember, but we rarely go because it’s over an hour away.  We arrived with less than an hour to shop before closing time so we didn’t have much time to browse.  I had ordered the Samsung Smart Camera online because it was almost sold out when I called to check availability earlier in the week.  I love that they held for me and allowed me to pay at the store.  While mom shopped the groceries, I checked out the electronics.  She filled her shopping cart with food and paper products then we headed to the returns desk to pick up my new Samsung smart camera.  They had one on display, but the battery was dead so I couldn’t play with it in the store.  We opted for the warranty and walked out with a few minutes to spare before closing time.  Check out our full shopping trip in my G+ album.

Smart Cameras Creative Photo Filters Modes

Samsung Smart Camera Saves Time!

One of my favorite things about the Wi-Fi cameras is how convenient they are to use.  The same things we love about photography with our smart phones are available with smart cameras, only better.  You can edit shots, add photo filters, upload to Facebook or share via e-mail right for the Samsung smart camera.  Totally awesome.  Another cool feature is that you can actually send photos and videos straight from your Samsung smart camera to your smart phone through the Samsung Smart Camera app.  You can also use your smart phone as a remote shutter release for the smart cameras!  The technology of these cameras is mind blowing.

Samsung Smart Camera Shots Auto Manual

I’ve only been shooting with the Samsung WB800F for a few days, but so far, I like it!  It has the option to use Smart Auto which can read your situation and use the mode you need (like landscape or nighttime, etc.) but it also offers a full manual mode too.  The full manual mode isn’t as user friendly because it takes time to switch the shutter speed, but I love that is available and I have used it already.  I’ve gotten so use to shooting in manual mode with my DSLR that it’s actually nice to shoot in Smart Auto mode and allow the camera to make the decisions!

Samsung Smart Camera Fish Eye Retro Photo Filters

I am so excited to own a compact smart camera to keep with me at all times.  It’s as easy to use as a smart phone, but the quality is much better.  These shots from this weekend at the river turned out nicely and the Samsung smart camera will no doubt work well for low light photography.  The photo filters are fun, but this camera doesn’t stop at fun- it offer convenience, ease of use, and top quality shots.

What do you think about the Samsung Smart Camera?





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  • I love this camera. I have always used cannon. But I will be changing brands on my next camera. I can not seem to get a cannon to last after the on I had for 5 yrs finally tore up. I have bought three since , and not a one of them are worth a crap. So I will own one of these for my next camera.

  • Looks like a great camera! The pictures are beautiful! I love that it has Wi-Fi Connectivity. What a great feature!

  • That is amazing for a point and shoot camera. The photos are beautiful and I love that with the wifi connectivity, you can share with you social networks. Better quality photos than a smartphone with the same sharing options, but not a big and bulky as a DSLR. Perfect!

  • Oh that looks like a GREAT camera! I have been wanting to get a new one and will have to check it out! Ilove all the different looks you can do! I love the retro photo filter picture! Beautiful!!!

  • Glad I found this post! Can not decide what to get Harli for Christmas, plus she graduates in the spring. Samsung website has a camera that has the dual view for all her fb self portraits. LOL

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