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On Becoming a Mama – For All You Love

Every time someone says “Becoming a mom will change your life!” I think, “Well, I hope so.” It’s funny how such a tiny little being can grab a hold of your entire heart and change you completely.  And those changes go well beyond the sappy stuff.

Cowboy Bryson

Before becoming a mom, I had never changed a diaper.  Now?  Not only do I change diapers, I use cloth diapers.

Before becoming a mom, crumbs on the table grossed me out.
Now?  The table and the floor are covered with crumbs even when I clean them both multiple times per day.

Before becoming a mom, I would have never wiped someone’s nose for them.
Now, I’m slinging snot and picking boogers like a pro.

Before becoming a mom, the thought of someone’s vomit would have made me vomit.
Now, I can clean up vomit half-asleep without flinching.

Before becoming a mom, I enjoyed peeing alone.  Without an audience.
Now, I’ve learned how to pee while consoling a child on my lap.  Seriously.

Before becoming a mom, dress up seemed a bit silly.
Now, I don’t miss out on a chance to watch their imaginations soar.

Cowgirl Bella blog

Becoming a mom has changed me and challenged me.  I wanted nothing more than to be a mom.  While other girls were getting ready to go to college, I just wanted to start a family.  I wanted to be a mother.  That’s what we did and while people thought we were crazy, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I may spend my days wiping butts and noses, cleaning up crumbs and spills, but these two little ones and the one growing in my womb are worth every crumb, every tear, and every prayer.  I never understood love- unconditional love, until I became a mama.

for all you love

Johnson & Johnson For All You Love celebrates the importance of putting the needs of others first and all the ways people care for the ones they love. Love is the most powerful thing on the planet. Love is family. Love is life. Love is in a baby’s first smile, in a grandmother’s comforting touch and in all the wonderful moments in between.  As part of this campaign, recognizing their commitment to the health and well-being of moms and kids worldwide, J&J is also planning to donate $25K this Mother’s Day to Save the Children®.

How has becoming a mom changed you?

I partnered with J&J and The Motherhood to bring you this post.


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