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Family, Friends, & Jesus… and Baby B3 {Weekend Recap}

Whew, what a weekend! It was a busy weekend full of family, friends, and Jesus. And I am still recovering from it three days later, haha.

Hydro Rush Water Slide Blast Zone

Justin’s family came in from out of town for his baptism, so we spent Saturday with them. We blew up our new Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park, even though it was too cool for water. The kids enjoyed playing on it dry! That night, we grilled hamburgers & hotdogs and celebrated our niece, Alix’s, 11th birthday, which blows my mind. She had just turned 2 when Justin & I started dating! Alix & Sidney, our nephew, spent the night with us so Bryson & Bella were over the moon about that.

Baptism Oak Grove Baptist Church

Sunday morning, we attended Sunday School at church. Our families joined us for worship service and Justin’s baptism. We were thrilled to have them all with us!  I walked to the front pew with Bryson and Bella so we could see Justin’s baptism.  When they asked our family to stand, I turned to see the people we loved smiling from ear-to-ear, so proud of my husband.  It was a special moment for all of us.

Easter Egg Hunt

After church, all of our families gathered at my parent’s home for lunch and an egg hunt.  At last count, we came up with over 65 people there!  The rain held off, so everyone stayed outside and the kids had a blast.  We decided not to do the Easter bunny this year and our kids had no idea.  They never asked about him and I’m pretty sure they don’t even know he was “supposed” to come visit them.  If you ask Bryson why we celebrate Easter, he’ll tell you “JESUS!!” and that is exactly how we want it.  Jesus giving his life and shedding his blood for us is more exciting than anything the Easter bunny could ever offer, ya know?

Easter Egg Hunt

At the end of the day, we gave them some small summer toys like chalk, water balloons, etc. but we just told them they were gifts from us because we loved them and were proud of them.  I had already purchased everything for their Easter baskets before we decided against the Easter bunny.

Baby #3 Announcement

Justin and I, along with a few of our tight-lipped family members, had been holding onto a secret.  We found out Wednesday that we are pregnant and Baby B3 will be arriving this winter, Lord willing!  Bryson is so excited.  I tested and left the test on the counter in the bathroom.  Of course, the kids snatched it up, fought over it, and asked me what it was.  I told them that I had peed on it so they would quit touching (gross!) and Bella later said “Mom, you PEED on this!?  NO, NO, mom!”   Bryson asked me what it said and when I told him it said we were going to have a baby, his eyes got huge and he just stared at my belly.  He is extremely excited, but he only wants a brother.  Poor Bella isn’t sure about having to share her “nurse boobie” but she is finally starting to wean on her own.

I spent Monday & Tuesday catching up on laundry, switching our closets hoping that warm weather will come, and at T-ball practice.  We received our team schedule and our uniforms will be in next week.  Can I just say that I love T-ball!?  It is entertaining and I laugh out loud at every practice.  4-6 year olds are fun!

Happy Wednesday!


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