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Baby Trend Euroride Travel System – Review

As a first time parent, one of our major purchases was a travel system.  I chose a print that I loved and thought we would put both the car seat and stroller to good use.  That didn’t happen.  The stroller was bulky, difficult to fold and carry, and ended up collecting dust more than anything.  When I came across the Baby Trend Euroride Travel System, I had to check it out.

Baby Trend Euroride Travel System Features

The Baby Trend Euroride Travel System comes with the Euroride stroller, infant car seat, and car seat base.

Baby Trend Euroride Stroller

I love, love, love how compact and lightweight the Baby Trend Euroride stroller is.  We do not own an SUV or a van, so our choices are limited when it comes to hauling around a stroller.  Other strollers take up the entire trunk of my car or if we are in my husband’s truck, we have to put the stroller in the truck bed and hope that it doesn’t rain.  Imagine my surprise when we were getting ready to leave for the Tennessee Aquarium a few weeks ago.  I asked my husband if he had loaded the Baby Trend Euroride stroller and he replied yes.  I peeked over into the bed of the truck and it wasn’t there.  Puzzled, I looked inside the truck and there it was- it fit in the back floorboard of our pick-up truck!  We didn’t have to worry if it rained, because it folds so compactly that it fit inside the truck with ease.  Awesome!

Baby Trend Euroride Travel System

While the Baby Trend Euroride stroller is lightweight, it is not flimsy.  It features a steel frame and will hold children up to 50lbs.  As I mentioned above, we took this stroller with us to the aquarium and it is hands down the easiest stroller I have ever maneuvered.  I didn’t feel like it was too big or in the way.  The front wheels swivel which makes turns a total breeze.  The reclining seat, foot rest, and adjustable harness made for a smooth ride for Bella.  As a parent, I enjoyed the large basket which held my equally large diaper bag, the locking wheels, and the comfort grip handle.

Another cool feature is the way the Baby Trend car seat attaches to the stroller.  The footrest of the Euroride stroller flips up and the car seat slides down over it.  The process is so simple.

Baby Trend Euroride Stroller

Keep in mind, there is no child or parent tray.  For us, this isn’t a problem and I’ll gladly give up those features for the compactness of the Baby Trend Euroride stroller.  I kept our drinks and the kids snacks in my diaper bag in the storage basket.

Baby Trend Car Seat

The infant car seat included in the Baby Trend Euroride Travel system is for babies 5-30lbs.  It has a removable soft head support piece and the material is easy to clean with a wet cloth.  This is our first Baby Trend car seat and I am very impressed with the car seat base!  It is a 4-position push-button adjustable base with a level indicator to make sure you get the proper install.  I am all about car seat safety, so I think this feature is awesome.  The latch connectors are unlike any others I’ve used and are definitely heavy duty.  The Baby Trend infant car seat is one that I feel confident in letting my child ride in.  I have to mention the smooth carrying handle too.  I love that it is in a triangular shape and think that will absolutely make carrying an infant car seat more comfortable.

From a cosmetic standpoint, Baby Trend combined style, safety, and convenience seamlessly.  It is available in the Cocoa Swirls pattern which I consider gender neutral and plan to use whether we have a boy or girl.  The material is easy to wipe clean and doesn’t show spots/ stains like lighter colors.

If you are in the market for a travel system, I highly recommend the Baby Trend Euroride travel system.  You can purchase it at for $199.99.  You can also purchase the Euroride stroller separately in either grey or brown at

We received the Baby Trend Euororide Travel System for our review. All thoughts & opinions remain my own, as always.


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    • We had quit using a stroller for that reason until we got this one. It is such a great size. Thanks for the comment, Tiff!

  • We used Baby Trend car seats with the boys. I chose them because I knew I’d be carrying 2 around at the same time sometimes and wanted them to be lightweight. I also loved that they were for 5 lb babies, since there was the possibility of preemies. Me and Alan both agreed they were our favorite seats we’d tried so far. I’d been wondering about the stroller you’ve been using. It definitely looks easy to maneuver and compact. I had no idea it was part of a travel system because it is so little!

  • I also HATED the travel system we bought when pregnant with our first… I just didn’t know any better! Oh my gosh, this one folds up so nice and tiny, I love it! Thanks for the pics, that helps a lot!

  • I would have thought this would be much more costly! I also had a very bulky stroller system with my first. WHen Zoe came along I knew I needed something lightweight and more compact. This stroller looks awesome. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to