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We’re Taking the 21 Day Listerine Challenge! – Will You Join Us?

Brushing teeth?  It’s easy enough.  Until you have children, then it becomes something totally different.  It’s a battle to get them to keep their mouths open.  I stand in the bathroom, a child on each side of the bathroom counter, doing a weird dance and trying to come up with the right words.  “BIG aaaahh!”  No, that didn’t work.  “Hold your mouth open WIIIIDE!”  Nope, that didn’t work either.  I stand in front of my children, my mouth open as wide as possible trying to show them.  “Like this!  Do it like Mommy!”  They look at me like I’ve lost my mind.

Sound familiar?  Please say yes.

Listerine mouthwash

I’m always left wondering if I truly reached all of those little nooks and crannies in my children’s small mouths.  Brushing teeth never seemed so hard.  So when I was asked to jump on board with the 21 Day LISTERINE® Challenge, I did so nervously.  I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right and I’m supposed to take my readers along for the journey?  I said yes anyways.  I hope that during the challenge I will learn a few things to share and maybe y’all can share some tips with me too.


We will not only be focusing on children’s oral hygiene, but also our own.  Did you know that brushing alone misses 75% of your mouth?  Yeah, I didn’t know that either.  My dentist has always recommended Listerine mouthwash.  I follow his advice and pick up a bottle, but then when that bottle is gone, that’s it for me.  It doesn’t make my shopping list.  As part of the 21 Day LISTERINE® Challenge, we received a box packed full of LISTERINE®and other oral hygiene products.  I can’t use the “I forgot to buy it.” excuse any longer.

I hope to improve my oral hygiene routine by using LISTERINE® ULTRACLEAN® twice a day and flossing daily.  I know that my gums aren’t as healthy as possible, because they sometimes bleed while flossing.  I’d like to see that cleared up by the end of the 21 Day Listerine Challenge.  It’s takes about 3 weeks to create a new habit so I am going to take this challenge seriously.  That extra minute of two per day using Listerine mouthwash and flossing will go a long way toward taking care of my gums and teeth.


The 21 Day Challenge is easy:  Use LISTERINE® Antiseptic mouthwash twice a day for thirty seconds and get*:

  • Up to 5 times healthier gums in 2 weeks
  • Up to 9 times healthier gums in 4 weeks

For every person who signs up for the challenge on Facebook, the LISTERINE® Brand will make a contribution to help Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America® program toward their goal of connecting up to 210,000 children with needed oral health services in 2013*.  You will also receive tips, reminders, coupons, and other helpful tools to keep you motivated and on track at the Listerine Facebook page.

*Based on increased number of healthy gum sites over time.
*$6.40 will be donated for every person who signs up for the challenge, up to $64,000.

I received products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® 21 Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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