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Fun New Reads – Healthy Food from A to Z & The Labyrinth

I have two new books to share with y’all today!  We are constantly expanding our little library with great reads.  Our newest finds are Healthy Foods from A to Z which was just published in September 2012 and The Labyrinth which was published in August 2012.  Both books are hardcover and retail for $15.95 although you’ll usually find them cheaper at


Healthy Foods from A to Z

 Helping children learn about healthy foods as well as their ABCs this bilingual picture book in English and Spanish features colorful photographs of engaging faces made of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and soy products. A sample sketch with instructions, followed by additional suggested activities, helps children create their own food faces and connect with peers and teachers. An informative section for parents highlights the nutritional value of 70 foods illustrated in the book. The interactive pages and charming illustrations by well-known food photographer Renée Comet will invite children to visit the book over and over again.

Healthy Food from A to Z

While this book is for ages 3 & up, I honestly think it’s as useful for me as it is the kids.  My husband and I flipped through it together and were amazed at the selection of healthy foods.  Not only that, but I love that each page features a face made of food which gives me so many ideas for fun food presentation.  The back of the books lists 70 different foods with facts and benefits of each one.  It’s VERY helpful  for me and I believe Healthy Foods from A to Z will get as much use by me in the kitchen as it will by the kids!

The Labyrinth Childrens Book

Each picture book in the Lima Bear Stories series delivers messages for children to help them handle everyday situations with siblings and friends, including tolerance, honesty, and courage. Basic characters, each with their own distinct personality, appear and reappear throughout the series, allowing children to get to know them and anticipate how they are likely to act in different situations. Extended learning and activity questions are included to allow parents and teachers to further encourage children to become involved in the concepts presented.

Princess Belinda Bean has just been given the throne by her elderly father. She is now the Queen and the Ruler of Beandom. Everyone is happy about this except the jealous Mean ol’ Bean who wants to be the King and Ruler. Mean ol’ Bean lures Belinda into a magic labyrinth from which he believes there is no escape. However, L. Joe Bean, the Wiseman of Beandom, discovers the plot. Will he be able to save his Queen? What will happen to Mean ol’ Bean?

This is the first book we’ve read from the Lima Bear Stories series, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.  The illustrations are cute, colorful, and capture the attention of kids.  I always love a story with a true message and The Labyrinth carries a wonderful message about forgiveness.  As a parent and someone who enjoys teaching my children, I appreciated the discussion prompts and activities included at the back of this book.  The discussion ideas are for before, during, and after reading.  I also love the catchy rhyme that is part of the story!  Rhyming make reading more fun, because the kids catch on quickly and start reciting it with me.

Do you have a fun reads to share?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

We received both book for review.  All thoughts & opinions remain my own, as always. 


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