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Exclusive Toys from Target – Gift Ideas for Kids

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Yeah, me either.  Thankfully, I am finished shopping for the kids.  We have a lot of *ahem* assembly to do over the next few days though.  If you are still hunting for the best and brightest gifts this season for the kids, Target is the place to be.  They offer exclusive toys you won’t find anywhere else!  Obviously, there is now way less than 15 shopping days before Christmas, so that’s all the more reason to head in to Target and get your shopping done.  Target is also offering free shipping on all of their top toys right now if you want to shop online.

Exclusive Toys at TargetExclusive Toys at Target

I cannot wait to see Bella’s eyes light up when she opens the Ultimate Disney Princess Collection.  This set is seriously gorgeous.  I know it looks beautiful online, but I was absolutely wowed when I opened the box to see it in person.  Bella has a few Barbies that have been given to her over time, but this will be her first new set.  Honestly, they are so pretty that I’ve debated about putting them away until she is a little older.  She usually takes care of her babies, so I’m hoping she will do the same with the Ultimate Disney Princess Collection.

Ultimate Disney Princess Collection at Target

Bryson spotted them when they arrived and he says that Bella is going to love them.  I asked him not tell her about them, but that’s asking a lot from a four year old.  He’s told her about them more than once, but thankfully, she doesn’t quite understand what he means just yet.  He said “Mom, I talked to Bella about those princesses, but I didn’t tell her about them!”  LOL  Bryson was super excited to see Merida from Brave included so I bet he plays along with his sister Christmas morning.

Ultimate Disney Princess Collection Exclusively at Target

You can purchase the Ultimate Disney Princess Collection exclusively at Target.  This set retails for $64.99, but is currently on sale online for $39.99 with free shipping!

We received this set from the folks at Target.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.

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