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Day Fifteen – Giving Thanks in November

I am thankful for the almost four years I have been blessed with Bryson. From the moment Justin and I decided to try for our first child, we knew our lives would be forever changed. What I’ve learned since then is that you really cannot grasp the depth of a parent’s love until you actually become a parent. Growing up, I always knew my parents loved me, but I never understand how much they loved me or how fierce that love was until I became a mom.

Bryson requested a Thomas the Train birthday party this year. I haven’t hosted a birthday party since he turned one. Instead, we chose to take him places like the TN Aquarium for his second birthday and the Creative Discovery Museum for his third birthday.  When I asked him where he want to go this year, his answer was simple. “My Thomas the Train birthday party!” Today, we mailed out the first batch of invitations for his FOURTH birthday party.  Seriously, how did that baby that never slept get so big so quickly!?

Mailing Thomas the Train Birthday Invitations for his 4th Birthday

Mailing Thomas the Train Birthday Invitations for 4th Birthday Party

Mailing Thomas the Train Birthday Invitations for his 4th Birthday Party

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