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Pumpkin Carving 2012 – a Buckaroo & a Peace Sign

This is the first year we’ve carved pumpkins. And by we, I mean my husband. He carved while each kid sat by his side watching. I’ve never carved a pumpkin myself, but I loved watching them watch their daddy while I cooked supper one night.  They were so intrigued.  Bella was a little too intrigued by the knife and kept trying to swipe it.  Bryson asked for a “Buckaroo” Pumpkin, so Justin drew out a cowboy then carved it.  I thought he did a great job.  He carved a peace sign for Bella.  We’ll continue our tradition of painting pumpkins each year and now we’ll add in a few carved ones too.

Carving Pumpkins 2012

I found these cool pumpkin lights at Kmart.  One changes colors and the other has a spooky flicker- very neat!

Pumpkins Halloween 2012, Buckaroo Pumpkin, Peace Sign Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!


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