Our Week with the 2012 Kia SOUL

I haven’t had a new vehicle.. well, ever and I probably never will.  So when the folks at Kia offered to bring out a 2012 Kia SOUL for us to drive for a week, I was more than a little excited.  The week flew by and I was definitely sad to see the Kia SOUL go.  Bryson was too, he pouted because the “red car” was gone.  🙂  We had a lot of fun in the 2012 Kia SOUL so I wanted to share some of my favorite features with y’all.

2012 Kia SOUL Molten

The 2012 Kia SOUL was loaded with so many useful and fun features.  The remote keyless entry and start was something completely new to us and it was cool to simply press a button and hear the car start up.  The rear back-up camera is a great feature!  It would take me a while to get use to using it, but it definitely offers a great view and some peace of mind.

Molten 2012 Kia SOUL

The voice recognition and navigation were awesome to have in the 2012 Kia SOUL.  Instead of fumbling with buttons, you can simply speak commands and watch it happen.  We really loved this!  We tested it out a lot by telling it to take us certain places, like the nearest hospital, and it worked wonderfully.

Kia SOUL Steering Wheel, Seat

Another thing I really like is the controls on the steering wheel.  You can work almost everything in the 2012 Kia SOUL simply by using the buttons and audio controls on the steering wheel.  You can change the station, switch categories on Sirius, receive and end calls using Bluetooth,  and adjust the cruise control all with your fingertips and you never have to take your hands off the wheel.

Kia SOUL Sunroof

Our favorite fun features were definitely the sunroof and the color-changing speakers.  Bryson loved the sunroof as much as I did and asked me to open it every time we got in the SOUL.  I took a short video to show you how the speakers change colors and pulse with the beat.  It’s very neat!

We had plenty of space for our family of four.  The height of the 2012 Kia SOUL was perfect for me, especially since I’m currently using crutches.  I didn’t have to bend down or jump up to get in- it really was the perfect height.  It rides smooth and the seats are comfortable.  We like the back hatch with plenty of cargo space and extra room under the floor.

Kia SOUL Back up camera

The only downfall for us was that we would never be able to fit three Britax car seats in the 2012 Kia SOUL.  With two car seats, the back seat is packed.  When the time come for a newer vehicle, I’ll definitely look at Kia vehicles, but our focus will be on the larger Sorento SUV or the Kia Sedona minivan.

Kia SOUL 2012 Car Seats

Overall we loved the 2012 Kia SOUL.  It offers so many great features, plenty of space for small families, and it’s just plain fun.  And yes, we totally danced like the hamsters in the Kia SOUL commercials.  My husband says the SOUL just makes you want to dance!  🙂

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We were loaned the 2012 Kia SOUL for a week.  All thought and opinions remain my own, as always.


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