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5 Bathroom Storage Ideas & Products

We live in a modest 3 bedroom, 1 bath home with very little storage space.  Each bedroom features one small closet and then we have a hall closet which also houses our return unit for the central heat & air.  My point?  Not much storage space at all.  This isn’t a bad thing though, because it forces me to keep the clutter down and to purge our home regularly.  It also motivates me to use our space to it’s full potential and the bathroom is no exception.

A lot of folks complain about having only one bath and some can’t imagine just one bathroom for an entire family.  We haven’t had a problem at all.  I know it will become more difficult as the kids get older, but I think by utilizing the space to it’s fullest potential, we’ll be just fine.  With that said, I want to share some of my most useful ideas and products that I have found super helpful.  I included photos of each product in use in our bathroom so you can get a feel for how the look and work in a “real” setting- my house isn’t magazine perfect.  LOL

Boon Frog Pod in Use

 Boon Frog Pod

If you have little ones, the Boon Frog Pod is an absolute must have for bathroom storage & organization of toys.  The turtle shell doubles as a scoop so you can easily clean up after bath time.  On top, you can store bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. We’ve used ours for over 2 years now and it’s well worth the $30!

Command Hooks for Shower and Bath

Command Hooks

The special moisture and water resistant Command Hooks work fabulously in the shower.  I could only find the white ones online, but ours a brushed nickel and I believe we purchased them at Lowes.  Use them to hang loofahs and other shower items- no more hanging them from the spout!

Over the Toilet Space Saver for Bathroom Storage and OrganizationOver the Toilet Space Saver

We added the Henry Bathroom Space Saver during our one day bath makeover and not only is it gorgeous, but it holds a ton of products.  We keep extra body wash, body sprays, soaps, feminine products, etc. in it.  It looks a lot more expensive that it is and I love all of the bathroom storage it provides.

Over the Door Shoe Holder for Bathroom Storage

Over the Door Shoe Organizer

This may not be the prettiest solution, but it IS the most useful and our biggest space saver.  Everything that once crowded our counters is now neatly stored in an over the door shoe organizer.  Deodorant, toothbrushes, mouthwash, hair products- you name it, it’s in there.  Be sure to go for a thick, sturdy organizer that will hold up well- canvas is probably your best bet.

Shower Curtain with Pockets

Thankfully, my husband built in cubbies for our showering products when we remodeled our home.  If your shower doesn’t offer much storage space, a shower curtain with mesh pockets is a great space saver and organizer.  We used one before moving into this house and it’s really a wonderful invention!  Use it as your liner and add a nice shower curtain- no one will even notice it.

**Honorable Mention

I cannot leave out the NextStep Built-in Potty Toilet Seat with Easy Clean and Change Feature.  If you don’t want a small potty taking up space, this is perfect!  It’s easy to clean, takes up no space, and is magnetic so it stays out of the way when not in use.  We already owned a potty before this, but Bryson has potty-trained only on this toilet seat and much prefers it.

Do you have any ideas or tips to add?  How do you save space and add storage in the bathroom?



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