Cutest EVER – Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs

I hadn’t planned to post about these awesome little shaped hard boiled eggs, but people loved them when I posted a photo on Facebook and Instagram.  I was sure that everyone knew about these easy eggs, but not so.  Everyone wanted to know “How did you do that!?”  So, I thought a post was in order.

It all starts with super cheap egg molds.  WHAT!?  Egg molds?  Yes, egg molds.   And seriously, less than $2 bucks a piece.  So go buy a pack or.. three.  We have the fish and car egg mold set, but I am definitely going to buy more.

It’s so simple that I feel silly even dedicating a post to shaped hard boiled eggs.  These molds do come with instructions, but they are not written in English.

How to make shaped hard boiled eggs:

Step 01:  Boil your eggs, just like any other time.  Don’t ask me how- I just put a few eggs into a pot of water, sprinkle in some salt, turn them up, let ’em boil, check on ’em, and go back to get them.. when I remember.  Or hear the water boiling over.  Whichever.

Step 02:  Let them cool.  I know that every other egg molding tutorial on the Internet says you have to burn your fingers off and do it ASAP.  Well let me tell you- been there.  Done that.  Got the burns.  After fumbling and yelping in pain with the first two eggs, I decided I didn’t care how cute they were- they weren’t worth the paaaain.  So I let the rest of the eggs cool completely.  And I gave it a try.  Guess what?  There was NO difference between the hot eggs and the cold eggs- they both molded perfectly.  So save your fingers and let the eggs cool.

Step 03:  Peel the eggs.  They say that by sprinkling salt in the water before boiling, it helps separate the egg from the shell which makes peeling easier.  I think it helps, so there is a little tip for you.

Step 04:  Put an egg in the mold.  Snap it closed.  Some egg guts may squish out, but it will be fine.  Trust.

Step 05:  Leave the egg (still in the mold) in a pot of cool water for a few minutes.  3 minutes was enough for me.  You can leave it longer, no big deal.

Step 06:  Take the egg out of the mold, wipe off the squishy guts (if there are any), and admire your super cute, shaped hard boiled eggs.

Step 07:  Eat & enjoy!

Bryson was a teeny bit upset when Bella ate his car.  Be forewarned, eating cars and fish is fun, but can also break hearts.  No worries though- you can always make more shaped hard boiled eggs!  Wouldn’t these be fun to pack in lunches for a fun surprise?

Next on my list is the Hello Kitty egg mold.  It’s more expensive, but I can’t resist!

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