My Babies Captured – Dealing with Loss Through Photography

Over the last few weeks, I’ve grown attached to my camera again.  It’s kind of odd, but I’ve found that I deal with loss through photography.  When our house burned, I took photos non-stop and now I’m doing the same after Kolby’s death.  It’s fun to constantly learn something new and then put it to use.  It’s also my way of capturing the moment and knowing I will always have these photos to hold onto.  I finally invested in some editing software, so I’m having fun with that too.  Below are just a couple shots that I like.  If you look up at the header on my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the photos out.  It seems like I take a new “favorite” photo at least once a week, so those photos will be updated often.  I’ve ordered large prints of those up there now.  I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can hang them!

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  1. Beautiful images of your babies. I am glad you also ordered prints. Too often that is what I neglect to do!

  2. I need to order prints! I don’t think I have a hard copy of any photo I’ve taken in the last year! Lovely photos of your kiddos.

    • Whitney says:

      Thank you! I take advantage of Snapfish deals at least once a month. They offer 100 prints for $5 shipped frequently.

  3. You’ve caught some beautiful pics of your kiddos. I think it’s a good way to deal with your loss, you are taking pictures of those who are most precious to you. ((HUGS))

  4. Those are the cutest faces! I’m glad you found an outlet to help you deal with your loss.

  5. they are so precious!

  6. I agree with previous commenters – I so often forget to order prints! Your header photos – and these two – are absolutely adorable.

  7. These are great! I need to take more pictures!

  8. Carolyn G says:

    ((((hugs))) Your kids are beautiful

  9. You have some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. I love those little faces!

  10. It’s wonderful to find a way to hea. Photography is perfect – you’ll cherish this photos down the road.

  11. love the faces

  12. Such beautiful images – and I’m glad you’ve found something to be passionate about and use for healing!

  13. Aww those are too cute!

  14. Such great captures!

  15. Your photos are always so cute! Love the ones you added up top as well!

  16. Great photos!

  17. Such beautiful pictures. I find that I immerse myself in music when I’m upset.

  18. Great shots and cute kids!

  19. Love the faces. Hugs and prayers still coming towards you from here in VA!

  20. Those are so cute!!

  21. Love those precious little faces!

  22. don’t think those faces could be any cuter

  23. Love these pictures, the pout, perfected!

  24. These are amazing pictures. I am so sorry for your loss

  25. Great pictures. I’m glad you found an outlet. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  26. So sorry for your loss. Those are some awesome shots though and made me smile.


  1. […] April got off to a good start as we learned that Monica’s killer entered into a guilty plea.  It was relief to know that a trial had been avoided.  We had a wonderful Easter surrounded by our family from all sides.  Four days later, our lives were turned upside down.  On Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 9:10PM, our sweet sixteen year old Kolby left this earth for his Heavenly home.  Kolby was laid to rest the day before my birthday.  One week after his death, Crossville High School held a balloon release in memory of Kolby.  We attended Day Out with Thomas for the second year near the end of the month.  It was a nice distraction.  We also had a family party for Gangan’s birthday and I picked up my camera to help deal with the loss. […]

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