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My Babies Captured – Dealing with Loss Through Photography

Over the last few weeks, I’ve grown attached to my camera again.  It’s kind of odd, but I’ve found that I deal with loss through photography.  When our house burned, I took photos non-stop and now I’m doing the same after Kolby’s death.  It’s fun to constantly learn something new and then put it to use.  It’s also my way of capturing the moment and knowing I will always have these photos to hold onto.  I finally invested in some editing software, so I’m having fun with that too.  Below are just a couple shots that I like.  If you look up at the header on my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the photos out.  It seems like I take a new “favorite” photo at least once a week, so those photos will be updated often.  I’ve ordered large prints of those up there now.  I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can hang them!


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