Meal Plan – Week of March 11

Hey y’all!  How was your weekend?  Mine was super productive!  I got a great start on my spring cleaning and I’m enjoy the feeling of a decluttered home.  See more in my Spring Cleaning, Decluttering, and Simplifying post.  I’m finding that when it comes to toys- less really IS more.  This weekend was a sweet taste of spring.  The kids were able to play outside for hours and hours, Hubby worked in the yards, and I purged the house.  Come on, Spring!


-Baked Oatmeal
-Toast & Eggs
-Fruit & Yogurt


-Peanut Butter Sandwiches
-Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese
-Chicken Fingers, Peas




-Meatloaf Meatballs
-Chicken & Dumplings
Homemade Pizza
-Sauerkraut & Weenies

Make Ahead

Refried Beans

It will be time to bring out the grill soon and I am looking forward to that!  What’s on the menu at your place this week?

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  1. I menu plan Tuesday – Mondays since we shop Tuesdays – I still haven’t done it today yet for tomorrow though! I’m thinking Beef Stroganoff for dinner tomorrow….

  2. As far as dinners:
    Monday (tonight): Mexican dip and tortilla chips
    Tuesday: French Toast with bacon and country-fried potatoes
    Wednesday: Fried Rice
    Thursday: Vegetable Lasagna
    Friday: Homemade Chicken Soup
    Weekend: Leftovers

  3. The hubs and I are winging it this week. The boys are away for spring break so I’m taking a slight break from the the kitchen.

  4. Ugh, It’s Tuesday night and I still haven’t planned for the week. I NEED to catch up. Sauerkraut and weenies sounds good! :)

  5. Meatloaf meatballs sound amazing!

  6. I totally need to sit down and do this some day… I NEVER menu plan and I totally know I would save sooo much time – and probably money! LOL

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