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Favorite iPhone Camera & Photography Apps

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On my Wordless Wednesday post, I was asked about the apps I’m using for photography.  I’ve only had the iPhone 4s for about a month, but I already have a few go-to favorites that I use almost daily.

(edited using Camera+)

Instagram (free)

Without a doubt, this is my favorite iPhone photography app.  It’s so simple to use- even my dad Instagrams with me.  You can take a photo using the app or edit an existing photo.  It has several filter and frame options.  I personally love the social networking aspect of this app- it’s fun to scroll through the photos, chat, and be inspired by others. 

Camera+ (0.99- on sale)

This is the only photography app I use that isn’t free.  It comes with tons of features and you can purchase extra add-ons too.  It offers lighting options, crops, borders, rotation and flipping, and 27 different effects.  I like the “Tailfins” and Cross Process” filters.  You can also add text to your photos with the Camera+ app.

(edited with Instagram.  Collage via Nostalgio.)

Nostalgio (free)

While this isn’t really a photography app, it allows you to make collages with your photos.   There are 20 different collage options and you can add up to 4 photos per collage.  You can choose different frames and layouts for your collages too.

ArcFrame (free)

Another collage app, but with tons of different options.  There are 35 frame options, you can choose any color background you want or go with one of the many patterned backgrounds available.  There really is no limit to the ways you can change up collages with this one!


(tape & text via Labelbox)

Labelbox (free)

With Labelbox, you can take a photo right from the app or use one from your library.  Then, you choose a “tape” to add and type your text directly on it.  There are currently 11 tapes that are free with other packs available for $0.99.

These are the ones I use most but I’m always looking for fun, new, interesting photography apps to add.  If you have one to recommend, please tell me about it!  If you want, you can add me on Instagram- username is whitneybaugh.


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