Candy Free Egg Hunting Ideas for Easter – Our Egg Hunt

Yesterday I mentioned how Bryson loved Easter egg hunting last year and how I look forward to watching both of my babies hunt eggs this year.  Today, we had a mini egg hunt- just the kids and I- at home with some fun prizes.  Because their Easter baskets will have candy and because we have candy leftover from who-knows-when (I need to throw it out!), I wanted to go for a candy free egg hunt.  Colgate has some great Nickelodeon character themed oral care products out for Easter and I incorporated those into our hunt.

We were in need of groceries so Justin and I headed to Walmart to do our grocery shopping and pick up a few things for the egg hunt.  Have you been to Walmart lately?  That place is ready for Easter!  There were signs every where and rows upon rows of Easter items.  Check out our full shopping trip and get a peek into how my brain works.

Candy Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

  • Character toothbrushes (Dora by Colgate= super cute!)
  • Bubbles
  • Bath color tabs
  • Bath toys
  • Hair bows (for girls)
  • Seeds to plant (and a promise to do so!)
  • Glow sticks
  • Small cars or animals
  • Little People

For our hunt, each child received a special prize at the end.  Bryson kept asking “Is it candy, Mom?” and I think he thought I was kidding when I answered no each time.  In the end, he was happy with his new Dora and Diego toothbrush from Colgate.  Bella was even more excited than Bryson though- she LOVES toothbrushes and would run around with on all day if I’d let her.  They each received a manual and an electric toothbrush along with a tube of Colgate Dora toothpaste.

It was nice to break away from the traditional candy, especially since it usually ends up being thrown out at our house.  The rain forced us to have our egg hunt inside, but the kids didn’t seem to mind.  I hid 5 eggs and after those were found, the kids dug through our Easter sensory bin to find their prize.  Bella immediately began trying to brush her teeth even though I hadn’t even opened the toothbrush yet!

I hope that this post helps you create a fabulous Easter egg hunt.  I’m going to take some of these ideas and use them for our big egg hunt on Easter.  The kids (especially Bryson) had so much fun today that it makes me even more excited for our family egg hunt!  I’m sure there will be plenty of #EasterSmiles around.

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  1. DVDs, notebooks, cups and craft supplies are great candy-free options too. Never thought about new toothbrushes though, great idea!

  2. How fun! They look like they are having a blast and I love the items you purchased for the hunt.

  3. I love that your Easter egg hunt was candy free! What a fantastic idea!

  4. Thanks for the list of great candy-free ideas! My son loved his toothbrushes so much I’m going to be adding more to our “big” hunt, but I’ll definitely be adding some of your ideas, too! &How insanely cute that Bella didn’t even wait for you to open it! Love it!

  5. Charity L says:

    Very nice! Baby girl is getting gummies and peeps in her basket, but the majority will be books, and gardening “tools” to help daddy in the garden. Have a great time at your egg hunt!

  6. Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy says:

    Looks like they had a lot of fun! Love that smile :)

  7. I love it! I need to cut back on the candy in their baskets this year. This is a good idea!

  8. Love these ideas! Sweet T will be hunting real eggs, but I filled her Easter basket with non-food items like Play-Doh eggs, hair elastics, sidewalk chalk, etc.

  9. I LOVE the sensory bin idea with the prizes hid in the bottom!! Perfect!!

  10. marissa lee says:

    what a fun ideal…they look like they are enjoying themselves..thank you for sharing.


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