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Shopping with a 3 Year Old – Meal Plan

The entire family went grocery shopping Saturday morning.  We allowed Bryson to take his Melissa & Doug shopping cart for the first time and I’m pretty sure watching a 3 year grocery shop with their own little pint size buggy is the cutest thing ever.  I was a bit fearful and I had visions of him racing up and down the aisles, running over little old ladies, and smashing into heels, but none of those things happened.  He was the most well behaved he’s probably ever been while grocery shopping.  I think it gave him a sense of accomplishment to load his cart.

The first thing he spotted was ketchup and while we didn’t really need another bottle, it’ll get used eventually, and I couldn’t tell him no over a bottle of ketchup.  Then he added bananas, strawberries, a cup of yogurt, some gummy bears, and a bag of Doritos.  When we made it to the checkout lane, he unloaded his groceries onto the belt and patiently waited to reload his cart with the bagged items.  The only problem we ran into is that he thought everything he “bought” was his- all his.  The whole bag of chips, the entire box of strawberries, he thought they were just for him.  He did share, but Justin and I got a good laugh out of that!

And no, I didn’t carry my camera and I don’t have a single photo.  Just take my word for it that it was the cutest thing ever.


Eggs & Toast
Baked Oatmeal
Strawberry Banana Smoothies


Macaroni & Cheese with Peas
Hotdogs & Fries


Baked Potato Soup
Sloppy Joes
Pork & Mushroom Quesadillas
Chicken Casserole

What’s on your menu this week?


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  • Oh man. That sounds super cute! Hope you get a picture next time.
    My menu this week:
    Monday: Chicken Pot Pie
    Tuesday: Pork chops and Roasted Potatoes and green beans
    Wednesday: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches with macaroni salad and beets
    Thursday: Playdate at the Mall
    Friday: Oatmeal and fresh fruit
    Saturday: Working late: Eat out
    Sunday: Hamburgers and Sweet Potato tator tots

    • It was so, so cute! I’m hoping to get a nicer phone soon, so I’ll always have a camera with me. Chicken pot pie sounds good!

  • I always like to let the kids help make the grocery list, it is a good way to help establish reading and writing skills. Never thought of it before, but it may be fun to let Bryson cut&paste (or just paste) pics from a magazine onto a grocery list for him to use. Also, i saw a check off list once (not sure where) that had a picture list of grocery items. You could probably fix one on the computer! Yes, it is fun when they help; yes, he did accomplish something; and YES it keeps them occupied 🙂

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