3D Glasses & Pig Tails – Wordless Wednesday

Bella’s hair has been long enough for pig tails for quite sometime, but I just pulled it up in them for the first time on Monday.  O.M.G.  Cutest thing ever.  It felt like a rite of passage- I can now call myself a good pig tail stylin’ mama.  (haha)  She looked so adorable that I chased her around the house with my camera trying to capture the cuteness.  It’s just too much for a photograph.

Bryson rediscovered his 3D glasses from when he went to the movies last summer.  He wears them around the house and I told him he was stylin’ so then he went up to Justin and said “Dad, I’m stylin’” with his hands on his hips.  LOL   In this photo, he was getting a sip and said “It’s chocolate milk, mom.”  Like of course, I should have totally known that!


Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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  1. so precious!

  2. They’re both so adorable, and like you, I can’t resist those kind of piggies!

  3. you have some of the cutest kids in the world. looooove seeing photos of them!

  4. they are just the cutest!

  5. Lots of cuteness going on in that house!

  6. Hahaha THAT is totally a “show your first date” picture LOL Love love love them!

  7. They’re precious!

  8. OOOOOOH! I want to pinch their cheeks :). Very Cute!

  9. LOL…I love it! They’re adorable!

  10. Hehe. So cute. I should try some pig tails on Sweet T soon,

  11. They are so precious!!

  12. Sooooo adorable!!

  13. Hehe, soooo cute! Love the hair!

  14. They are so cute! I would just hug them and then hug them some more!

  15. They are so cute!

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