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Personalized Baby Gifts – Fill in the Blankie

UPDATE:  Due to numerous complaints from customers including many orders than have not been completed and lack of communication, I can no longer recommend Fill in the Blankie.  While I had a pleasant experience, it seems that is not the norm.

Personalized gifts are always a hit.  I love them because you know they are given with love and made especially for the recipient.  When it comes to baby products, monograms are always in, but are especially hot right now.  Fill in the Blankie takes monogramming to a whole new level with their beautiful embroidered baby blankets.  If you are looking for a one of a kind baby gift, this is it.

Ordering Process

The customization process is very simple and only requires two steps.  On the first page, you choose your blankie. There are 8 blankets to choose from and all of the information is laid out for you on one page- size, softness, weight, and quality.

On the next page, you will personalize your blanket and check out.  You have the option to use their standard fill-in-the-blank form or you can create your own from scratch.  There are several font and thread color choices.  Other add-on options include glow in the dark thread, gift wrap, a stuffed pig, and illustrations.

You enter your payment information and check out on the same page.


The price of your blanket includes monogramming- up to 200 characters of embroidery.  Prices start at $39 and go up to $145.  Add-on options  like glow in the dark thread do require an extra fee.

Mama’s Thoughts

I chose the 400 ct. Sheety Blanket ($87) in the Pink Peony with Chocolate backing design.  The reasons I chose this style are because I wanted a lightweight blanket that Bella could carry with her and that will hopefully become her security blanket.  I also went with it, because it is the only blanket they offer with designs.  All of the other blankets are available in different colors, but none offer printed fabrics or designs.

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted printed on Bella’s blanket.  This is a blanket that I hope she’ll keep forever and I wanted to encourage her with it.  Here is what it says

She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

“She believed she could so she did.”

It also has her full name.

No matter if she is 2 or 22, she can look at this blanket and know that her mama loves and believes in her.

Note This

It looks like the specific blanket I ordered is currently out of stock, but the Sheety Blanket is available in other styles.

While the Sheety Blanket is listed as a light/ medium weight blanket on the website, I would call it a light weight blanket.  This is not a blanket you would use to keep warm, but more just to cuddle with.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am pleased with the ordering process and with the final product.  It’s a one of kind blanket and no one else will ever have one exactly like it.  With that said, $87 is quite a bit for a family on a budget and I could never afford to spend that kind of money on a blanket.  If  you are looking for a quality piece and can afford a Fill in the Blankie, I do think you will be thrilled with your purchase.

Fill in the Blankie provided a blanket for our family to review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.


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  • Attention everyone! It seems that Fill In The Blankie is STILL refusing to fulfill a giveaway prize from a contest I hosted back in December. Instead of doing what’s right, they’ve simply changed their Twitter account from @FillintheBlankie to @FillntheBlankie. If their tactics annoy/anger you too, then please spread this news so that no one else will have a bad experience with this company either. They currently have LIVE reviews/giveaways going on right now, so please share!

  • They are crooks!! I ordered a blanket on April 1st for the baptism of my nephew three weeks later and still (June 1st) have not received it!! I have called and emailed them with no response…they charged my credit card and I got a confirmation email but no blanket. VERY disappointed…I will be reporting them to the BBB!

    • I am SO sorry that you’ve had such a terrible experience with them. Have you tried contacting them through their social media channels like Facebook and Twitter? Sometimes a public outing gets a company’s attention! I hope you get your money back.

  • DON’T order from this company. They are happy to take your money but you won’t see the product show up and they have not responded to any of the 8 emails I have sent or the 18 phone messages I have left. Seemed like a cute custom gift but it is a nightmare. The BBB of Dallas rates this company an F and says they have tried to contact them but have received no response. They said the mail they sent to Fill In the Blankie has been returned to them. Horrible company and horrible customer service in fact there is no customer service. I would recommend them to anyone EVER!

  • Just FYI, Fill in the Blankie has over 100 complaints with the Better Business Bureau here in Texas. They do not respond to emails (except auto reponse), phone calls (all calls go to someone named Todd Lilly) who I have left a dozen messages for and they don’t respond to Facebook etc… I would recommend you try contacting them and see if they respond to you. If they don’t, I would recommend removing your review. When I Google Fill in the Blankie, your review with 4 stars shows up and it would be ashame for others to lose money like me and hundreds of others. Just a suggestion. I’ve ordered several blankets in the past and loved them so much that I purchased over $100 in gift cards from them but now I can’t fulfill any of them. I don’t know if they went out of business or what but it’s ashame there is no response at all. Thanks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to