Bella Wordless Wednesday

Bella’s First Birthday – Wordless Wednesday

Last week, we celebrated Bella’ first birthday.  Instead of throwing a big bash, I opted for a small little get-together on Wednesday evening.  We had Hello Kitty birthday cake, ice cream, hot dogs, and chips.  It was so simple, but the best part was watching Bella Grace eat her cake.  I have never, ever saw a kid dive into a cake like she did and she ate the entire thing.  It was a smash cake that said it would feed 2 – 4 adults and my one year old ate it all by herself.  She was crazy about it.  At one point, she put her face to it and was eating like a dog.  Everyone finished off their meals and Bella was still eating on her cake.  She meant business!  She must have her mama’s sweet tooth….



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