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Custom Blog Shirts from JustJen – Review

For the longest, I didn’t talk about my blog.  I knew a lot of people just wouldn’t understand it, so I tucked it away and kept quiet about it.  Over the past year though, as the opportunities have gotten bigger and better and as I’ve started focusing more on family, I’ve become quite proud of this little blog.  So proud in fact that I now have a shirt from telling the world (the few people I see anyways, haha) about!

And yes, I do know that there is a dark spot in these photos.  I have no idea what I got on my brand new shirt, but I’m totally blaming it on the kids.

This is our second piece of apparel from  You may remember the first piece was a personalized shirt for Bella when she was just a few weeks old.  That shirt has held up well and looks good as new almost a year later.  I expect my personalized blog shirt to hold up just as well.  It’s already gotten quite a bit of wear and it has made it through the wash looking fabulous.  I can’t say the same for Bella and I in this photo, she was sick and I was exhausted, but that is my life.  Focus on the shirt, y’all.

I love my custom shirt and I’d like to have one in a few different colors.  I chose a short sleeve shirt, so I can wear it during the warmer months and layer it with a long sleeve shirt during the winter. offers a huge selection with everything from bridal and maternity shirts to clothing for infants and kids.  You can choose an existing design or design your own completely.  The process is simple and the result is spectacular.  Seriously, give them a try if you are looking for some fun, unique, and personalized apparel!


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