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He’s Going to be a Doctor…. for now.

I fell in love with B. toys on a trip to Target a couple years ago and this toy doctor kit is no different.  At the time, I was scoping out birthday and Christmas gifts for my almost one year old, Bryson.  It’s hard to believe he’ll turn 3 in December!  In the end, I settled on the Busy Zoo, now known as the Zany Zoo.  As a mom, it’s still one of my favorite toy purchases.  There is so much packed into this one cube and it is so sturdy that Bella now pulls up and plays with it.  B. toys has an awesome selection of toys and I just love them all.   This brand is just one of the reasons I wish we had a Target closer!

I let Bryson take a look around the B. toys website with me.  We visited each product page and in the end, he told me he would like the Dr. Doctor kit.  We don’t have anything else like it, so I was glad he chose it.  The B. toys Dr. Doctor Medical kit is an awesome toy for imaginative play and creative thinking.  It comes with 9 doctor tools inside a carrying case.  Your child will have a stethoscope with a heartbeat sound, a pair of tweezers, safe scissors, a blood pressure cuff, an otoscope, a thermometer, a safe syringe, a “say ah!” mouth mirror, and a pager that makes sounds.

We’ve had so much fun with this kit.  Bryson loves to give us our daily check-ups and he even gives me regular hair cuts with the scissors.  My favorite piece is the stethoscope because Bryson can listen to “my” heartbeat.  After he finished giving hubby and I both check-ups the other day, I told him my heart was broken because he is growing up too quickly.  He looked at me seriously and said “Mom, your heart is not broken.  I just gave you your check-up and it’s okay.”  Point proven.

My only complaint about this set is the container it comes in.  It’s made well, but I hate that it opens on both sides.  Bryson is fairly coordinated and pretty good at opening latches, but this one is complicated.  It has a hinge on both sides, so to close it, you have to line the lid up perfectly, then close each hinge.  That’s asking a little too much from a toddler, in my opinion, and it would be much easier and handier if it only opened on one side.  It’s not a big deal, just slightly annoying.

Overall, this is a good quality toy and I know we’ll get a lot of use out of it.  I love that it encourages imaginative play as that is something I strongly believe is important for toddlers and kids.  I would definitely purchase this kit and recommend it to anyone with young children.

You can pick up the B. toys Dr. Doctor kit at Target or online at for $21.99.

Every B. toy you buy gives 10¢ to Free The Children.  Connect with B. toys via Facebook and Twitter.

We received the Dr. Doctor kit to assist with this review.  No other compensation was provided and all opinions remain my own, as always.


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