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Fall Fair 2011 Recap

The fall fair is one event we make time to go to every year.  Bryson has gone four years in a row, if you count when I was pregnant with him.  His first fair was when he was around 9 months old and he only rode on the carousel.  Last year, he was pushing age 2 and was able to ride and enjoy almost all of the kiddie rides.  He had a blast but was heartbroken each time a ride stopped.  Need proof?

Yeah.. we hoped to avoid meltdowns this year.  I had faith that we would, because Bryson has matured tons during the past year.  As much as a two year old can mature, you know what I’m saying.

We talked about the fair all day Wednesday.  I told him about the rides and the animals we would see.  He was super excited and couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home from work so we could go.  This is the first year my mom hasn’t gotten to go with us.  She’s currently working 2nd shift, but she will be back on first soon.  Pop seemed a little lonely without Nana!  We arrived and the first ride he noticed was basically throwing people around up in the air.  Pop asked him if he wanted to ride that (knowing he couldn’t) and Bryson tensed up.  He grabbed onto me, so I picked him up, and he asked if we could go hide, haha.  Then, Pop asked if Bella could ride and Bryson was adamant that Bella could not ride that ride.  I’m glad to know the kid has some sense!  Not that I didn’t already, but it’s nice to know he is scared of something.  Finally, Justin had our tickets and we were off.

Most of our time and tickets were spent on the cars, boats, and “bikecicles”- what most of us know as motorcycles.  They were his favorite rides last year and this year.  The only difference is that he didn’t cry every time they stopped this year!  Hooray for that.  I rode with him on the carousel and he did not want to get off of it.  We had to stop a few times to pet the horses before I finally bribed him with a ride down the big slide to exit.  The ride on the big slide didn’t happen though because the line was super long and Bryson is too impatient.  Maybe next year.

Bella’s only ride of the night was on the train and I didn’t get any decent pictures.  Justin said she had blast.  She clapped and flailed and mimicked her big brother.  She was content to watch the lights and all of the rides.  We didn’t hear a peep out of her all night until it was time to go.  It was past her bedtime and she was ready for some booby.  Isn’t her dress so cute?  I LOVE it.  I didn’t realize how pretty purple was on her until I put it on and added the bow.  The bow didn’t last long, but it sure was darlin’!

We all came home and crashed.  The entire family was in bed by 9:30PM and I was beyond exhausted.  Bryson has already asked to go back and I’d so take him, but the rest of our week is packed.  Next year, Bella will be able to ride with him and that is going to be so adorable.  I can hardly wait to see both of my babies smiling and driving a “bikecicle!”


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