Bryson Family Happenings Wordless Wednesday

Growing Up- Our Little Helper

  1. Using “his screwdriver” to help Dad put up shelves in the laundry room
  2. Making sure Dad sanded the laundry room just right.
  3. Mixing up his own chocolate milk.
  4. Building houses with Dad and being super proud of the finished product!

He’ll be three in December and he becomes a little more independent each day.  I was browsing through photos from the past month and I noticed a theme- he’s always helping whether he’s helping his daddy work or helping himself to chocolate milk.  Before long, he’ll be looking at htc phones and asking for a truck.  Thankfully, for now, he’s content with borrowing  my phone every once in a while to chat with his Gangan and driving trucks that require him to bend over or crawl around…


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