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The Laundry Room Makeover – DURING #GliddenGallons

As much as I *big puffy heart* a good before and after, let’s face it- a room makeover always gets worse before it gets better.  Actually, in my case, the entire house has taken a nosedive.  Need proof?  Read on, my friends.

Glidden Makover

Before we go there, let me share some good news.  I went to Walmart on Monday- completely alone.  Not a kid or husband (well, not of mine) in sight.  That hasn’t happened in, I don’t know, a year?  It was amazing.  Oh yes, it was.  Even more fabulous is the fact that I was there to pick out some pretty Glidden paint colors and tons of organizational items.  Throw in a fantastic light fixture, some country-fied (but cute) curtains, and I was ready to go.

Walmart Paint

I set out to prove to you (and myself, honestly) that I could makeover the laundry room using Walmart as my only source of purchases.  I wasn’t sure it could be done, but I always like a fun challenge!  I shopped the entire store and went down some aisles that I had never gone down before and I’m here to tell you- it can definitely be done.  Did you know the even offer faucets?  Wow!  You can achieve a completed room by shopping solely at Walmart.  And this is coming from a gal that has practically lived at the home & DIY stores before…  Walmart has leveled the playing field and seriously stepped up their game when it comes to the home & DIY department.

For more info on my Walmart shopping trip and to see everything I bought, be sure to check out my ThisMoment.

So, where is the laundry room?  Well, currently, I cannot get to my washer and dryer.  And, even if I could get to them, they are piled with stuff.  All but one shelf has been ripped out.  Almost everything is packed up and ready to be moved out for painting. One cabinet has been put together and I think we’ll go back to Walmart for a couple more.  I’m surprised at how sturdy they seem!

To learn more about our plans and see a glimpse into our real life makeover with 2 little under foot, watch my awesome (*ahem*) video below.  You’ll also get a sneak peek at the paint on the walls!

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