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Evenflo SimplyGo Breast Pump Review

I’m not sure why I pump, because Bella won’t take anything other than the breast.  Maybe I pump just in case she magically decided she’d like to take the bottle one day.  Either way, I do occasionally pump just to have some milk on hand or to try the bottle with Bella.

I have a rather large dual pump, so I was happy to try out the much smaller Evenflo SimplyGo Single Breast Pump.  Right out of the box, I couldn’t believe how small it seemed.  I love the size and that it is tiny enough to take on the go.  I can hold it with one hand- no problem.  I’ve actually sat at my desk and used it with one hand and worked with the other.  I should probably buy a pumping bra if I plan on doing that very often, but the size of the Evenflo SimplyGo Single Breast Pump makes it pretty easy.

I found this pump to be comfortable once I was positioned correctly.  It has a silicone insert to add a cushion, but if you aren’t perfectly positioned, it will pinch you.  I’ve had no soreness or comfort issues since using this pump.

The downside is that it’s loud.  And when I say loud, I mean that I seriously thought something was wrong with it.  It’s that loud.  My husband assured me that there wasn’t anything wrong with the pump and after reading reviews, I guess he’s right.  It’s just loud.

Overall, I think the idea is great.  Evenflo is on the right track.  I love the size and the simplicity of this  pump, but the noise level definitely needs some work.  For now, I’ll continue to use the Evenflo SimplyGo Single Breast Pump because it’s easy to use and doesn’t involve dragging out a massive bag, several tubes, etc.  If I start to pump more regularly, I’ll probably switch back to my dual pump. 

This isn’t an every day pump, but if you are looking for something that’s inexpensive, easy to travel with, and will work for occasional pumping, this would be worth a try.

You can pick it up at Amazon.comfor $44.99.   

I received this product for review, but no other compensation was provided.  All opinions remain my own, as always.

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