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Bella Grace at Six Months

Could it be?  Is it so?  A half a year? You, my beautiful daughter, are six months old.  You hit quite a few milestones this month.  I’m going with bullet points this month, because there is so much to talk about, Miss Priss. 


  • You moved out of the infant seat and into your big, cushy, pink-polka dotted Britax Marathon.  You like it 100x better than you ever did the bucket seat.  You rarely cry in it and with the bucket seat, it was a rare moment when you weren’t crying.  I think you like having more room, being able to see a little better, and how padded the seat is.  You were about to break my arm in that bucket seat, so I’m glad it’s retired.
  • You started sitting up.  If you get too excited, you’ll topple over, but you do a great job of keeping yourself up right.


  • You went on your second trip to Enterprise and you did fabulously!  You ate once on the way there and once on the way home.  Compared to your first trip, you were like a different kid and the ride was actually enjoyable.  Again, I think you REALLY love your new seat!
  • Thanks to your Nana Deena, you now take a sippy cup.  I don’t know why it never crossed my mind to try a cup with you instead of a bottle, but you latched right onto it.  I only give you water, but you love holding the cup and drinking.
  • You are teething.  There are no teeth in sight, but you are absolutely, without a doubt, teething.  I can tell when your gums are hurting, because you’ll refuse to nurse or eat and you just cry.  You like to chew on your sippy cup and anything else you can get to your mouth.


  • The walker is both of our best friends.  You love to roam the house in it and I love having my hands free.  You like to be wherever your brother is and you’ll try to swipe his toys too.
  • Your hair is down your back.  I could probably put it in a ponytail it’s so long.  It usually has food and slobber in it too, haha.  Nana likes to pull it up on top of your head and we think you look like a sumo wrestler.
  • You want food- real food.  Just this morning, you dipped your hand into the pancake batter I was mixing up and dumped it out on the counter.  Then, you immediately took that hand to your mouth and gobbled the batter up like it was the best thing you’d ever tasted.  When the pancakes were finished, you grabbed a handful and ate them too.  I gave you itty bitty pieces of pancakes while we ate breakfast and you acted like you were in Heaven.


  • You are nursing more efficiently, therefore, you are nursing for shorter periods of time.  I’m so proud that we are still nursing and it makes it that much better now that you can empty my boob in just a few minutes versus an hour.
  • I think you’ll be crawling by seven months.  You are trying so, so hard.  You get up on all fours, but so far, you only rock yourself backwards.  Soon, baby girl, soon.  Too soon for your mama.
  • We have finally moved off of the couch and into the bed with Daddy.  I have no idea how long we’ll cosleep, but it’s the only way you’ll sleep at all.  I love snuggling up to you every night and waking up to your smiling face.


  • We took you to see the fireworks on the 4th of July and you loved it.  We expected you to be startled and cry, but nope.  You sat still through the entire show and watched in amazement.
  • You LOVE the water.  We stayed in the pool a lot while in Enterprise and you splashed and splashed.  You didn’t like being in a float because you couldn’t reach the water with your hands.  As long as you could splash, you were happy.
  • You wear size 2 diapers and size 6 month clothing- some bigger.  I finally packed away all of your clothing through 3-6 months.
  • Sometimes you are a wiggle worm and just want down to play, but other times you’ll lay your head on my shoulder and just be sweet as pie.  It melts my mama heart.

I love you little girl.  I’m so used to having you around me and in my arms 24/7 that I feel like a limb is missing now that you are becoming more independent.  While I enjoy having free hands, it also saddens me that you are growing so quickly.

Slow down.  Just a little bit? 


Your Mama 

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