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Bella Grace at 5 Months

Miss Bella Grace,

I’m a little late on getting this post up, but I’m sure you can understand why.  You are now 5 months old and more active than ever.


The biggest milestone (for me, at least) this month is that you finally (FINALLY!!) started taking naps.  I could shout from the rooftops, because this was a long time in the making.  A couple weeks ago, I put you in your crib and turned on your soother.  I felt that you were finally old enough and that it was safe enough to let you sleep on your belly, so I flipped you over.  A few minutes later, you were fast asleep.  Without your mama laying next to you.  Without nursing.  You were simply asleep in your crib.  It was an amazing moment, but I assumed it was just a fluke.  You’ve proved me wrong and over the past week, you’ve taken a nap (or two) every day.

Bella Sidewalk Chalk

Another big milestone is that you are eating baby food daily.  You always eat with us a supper, but sometimes I even give you “snacks” during the day.  You’ve tried sweet potatoes, applesauce, squash, green beans, and pears.  Last night, I had one jar of “ham & gravy” baby food that was given to us and you ate it.  I hope you’ll forgive me, because it smelled and looked just like cat food, but you seemed to enjoy it.  So far, you’ve liked everything you’ve tried and haven’t complained at all.  I think your favorite was the strawberry banana popsicle.


We brought the walker back out and you seem to love it as much as your brother did.  You press the buttons and listen to the sounds.  You can move around fairly well in it and will make your way down the hall and into your brother’s room.  You light up when he pays you attention.  Just last night, you were in your walker in his room.  He wrapped himself in a blanket and played peek-a-boo with you.  I could hear you giggling from the kitchen.  That melted my mama heart. 


You are almost completely into 6 month clothing.  Your 3 month and 3-6 month clothing gets a little more snug every day.  We are finishing up a pack of size 1- 2 diapers and you’ll be moving into a size 2.  At your check-up last month, you were 26 inches long and you weighed in at 15 pounds and 2 ounces.  While you aren’t quite as fat as your brother was, you still have your share of rolls.


Still no luck with getting you to take the bottle.  I’m not going to push the issue, so we try every once in a while.  If you decide to take a bottle one day, so be it.  If not, we’ll cuddle up and nurse every chance we get.  Speaking of which, I am so proud to say you are still breastfeeding like a champ.  It gets easier every day and I’m so glad we’ve made it.  The first 3 months were rough, but it was worth it.


If you are overly fussy, I can take you outside and your attitude changes instantly.  You love sitting in your Bumbo and watching the world around you.  You spend almost every afternoon outside watching you Daddy work on his truck and play with Brother.  We bought you a new, pink swing and you fell asleep the first we put you in it.  It’s so sweet having big Brother in his blue swing and you in your pink swing side by side.  Those moments are nothing short of perfect.


This is the first month that other people have really gotten to enjoy you.  Up until now, you were attached to me and crying if you weren’t right under me.  This month, you’ve sat with other people and taken an interest in people that aren’t me.  Not only do they like this, I like it too because it means I have free hands for a minute or two.

We love you little girl.  Every day is a new adventure and your personality shines through more and more.

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