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If I remember correctly, Bryson got his first tooth around 6 months.  Every time he had one tooth come in, several would follow.  I could never keep a tooth count, because he’d have so many come in at one time.  Thankfully, they didn’t seem to bother him and he was never that fussy while teething.


Bella still hasn’t cut her first tooth.  She’ll turn 6 months old this month, but there are no teeth in sight.  She does like the gnaw on things and I’ve introduced several teethers- including this cute little dancing cow teether by Bright Starts.  She likes to hold on to it and chew on it’s hands and feet.  It’s a plus that it rattles so it keeps her attention too. 

Bright Starts Dancing Teether Friends

I hope she’ll be a happy teething baby like her brother when the time comes.  Because I’m nursing, I’m dreadful of teeth.  I know that I can teach her not to bite and we’ll be okay, but just the thought of that first bite makes me hurt.  The longer she goes without teeth, the better for me.  Not to mention, there is just something precious about those gummy smiles!

The Bright Starts Dancing Teether friends are available at Walmart, Toys R Us, and Buy Buy Baby.

When did your baby get their first tooth?  Any tips when it comes to nursing & teeth?

We received the teether free of charge.  No other compensation was provided and all opinions remain my own, as always.

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