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Tiny Love Day and Night Soother Review

I didn’t make plans to co-sleep before Bella was born- it just happened.  If you’ve ever nursed a child, you know that one of the best things is when you get the hang of nursing while laying down.  Oh, what a joyous occasion to stay in bed all though the night!  So, with that said, Bella doesn’t sleep in her crib.  For the most part, she won’t even lay by herself at all.  She needs to know that she has my attention at all times. 


I say all of that for this reason:  I didn’t choose to review this product because I thought it would soothe Bella.  *ahem*  At this point, only I can do that.  I chose to review this because we had one kinda like this (but by another brand) with Bryson and it was neat…. until it broke.  Then, it wasn’t so neat anymore.  So, I wanted to try this one out and see how it worked.

Bryson loves the Tiny Love Day and Night Soother.  He begs me to let him play in Bella’s crib so he can watch it.  Yes, I’m 100% serious.  It has so many features and settings. It blows our old one our of the water. 

Tiny Love Soother

Product Features:

  • Age 0 months and up.
  • Requires 4 C batteries that ARE included.
  • Comes ready to attach to crib.
  • Dual day and night modes.
  • Five volume levels.
  • Plays for 20 minutes.

Tiny Love Soother 1

Even though it doesn’t exactly “soothe” Bella, she will chill in her crib and watch it for a few minutes.  I’ll take whatever break I can get- no matter how short the time!  I hope that sometime in the near future, she’ll enjoy it more and be content to lay and watch it.  The colors are very pretty and vibrant.  I love that you can turn the lights off and only hear music.  20 minutes is, in my opinion, the perfect amount of time for the music to play.  I hate when toys cut off just as your baby is getting interested, so I’m glad to that the soother plays so long.  Overall, I am satisfied and quite impressed with the features.  I only hope that Bella can begin to enjoy it half as much as her big brother.

The Tiny Love Day and Night Sootherretails for $39.95 and has a 4 star rating at

Did you use a soother with your kids?  What age did they become interested?

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