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I think  it is important to spend time with your kids and let them help you with everyday things.  My dad works with heavy equipment and my husband does drywall.  Bryson has been introduced to everything from sheetrock mud to backhoes.  He can tell you the difference between a backhoe, bulldozer, front-end loader, etc.  Honestly, I can’t even do that.  When Justin picks up local side jobs doing drywall, Bryson goes along sometimes.  He comes home covered in sheetrock dust and mud, but he has a blast.  He often tells Justin & I that he wants to go build.  Meaning, go build houses with Daddy.  (Side note:  Just to make it clear, we would never, ever put Bryson in any kind of danger.  There are certain days when doing jobs that you “mud” the walls and it’s safe for a kid to be around.  Those are the days Bryson joins his daddy at work.)

Red Toolbox SetBryson can also tell you what each tool is whether it be a hammer or a screw driver or anything in between.  He loves to help his daddy and his pop work on things.  So, when Red Toolbox appeared on my radar, I knew he’d love it.  Their tools and kits are meant for older kids, but because Bryson is well acquainted with tools already, I thought we’d give them a go.  Of course, we keep them put away and he only uses them supervised.

Red Toolbox Jewelry Case

As soon as Bryson spotted his new tool set, he started asking for it to be opened.  Since them, he has become VERY stingy with his tools.  He doesn’t want anyone touching them or using them unless he is helping.  Justin “helped” him put together a cute little jewelry box for me as a Mother’s Day gift.  They used the new Red Toolbox tools to get the job done.  My husband said he was impressed with the quality of the tools for kids.  He especially liked the cordless drill.  

Red Toolbox Bird Feeder

Since receiving this kit for review, he even went out and bought another kit made by RedToolbox- the bird feeder kit.   Bryson helped him put it together on a Saturday afternoon, then they painted it bright orange.  It now hangs in our yard and Bryson is so proud of his work!

If you have a hubby that is into tools and building like mine, I would suggest picking up a kit or two for Father’s Day.  It would be a fun activity for your kids to do with their dad!

RedToolbox products are available at your local Lowes store.


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