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The “Terrific” Twos Aren’t So Terrible


A couple weeks ago, I was checking out at the grocery store.  Bella was hanging out in the Ergo and just being her sweet self.  The cashier commented on her (and her head full of hair, of course) and I guess I said something about how sweet she is..  I don’t remember exactly what I said, but the cashier responded with “Just wait until she’s TWO!”  She said it like it’s the worst thing. Ever.  I responded with “Oh, I have a two year old son.”  What did she shoot back?  “Just wait until they are THIRTEEN!”  You know what?  I think that is exactly what I’ll do.  I’m going to spend the next 12 years and 9 months just dreading the day my daughter turns thirteen.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the next 10+ years!  I mean, really?  If her kids are turning out that badly, maybe she should work on her parenting skills.  *ahem*  Moving on…


I’m gonna tell you.. Bryson has been two for over four months and I haven’t found anything terrible about it.  Does he have tantrums?  Uhm, YES!  But.. so does his mama on occasion.  Does he sometimes have a full blown meltdown when he can’t eat ice cream for lunch?  Definitely, but you know what?  I’d like to eat ice cream for lunch too.  Does he push his (and my) limits and sometimes drive me crazy?  Yep, but so do lots of other people who are well over the age of 2.


So, with that off my chest, here is what I am loving about the


  • hearing “I wuv you, Mom-mom.”
  • being called “mom-mom” instead of “mama”
  • watching him learn something new every day
  • how he tells me the color of everything
  • the love he has for his baby sister “Bewwa”


  • the way he says “get hand” when he wants to lead me somewhere
  • hearing “yesh”  He says it so cute!
  • having someone to “help” me stir when I’m cooking
  • brushing our teeth and the way his face lights up over a Thomas toothbrush
  • the fact that he rarely counts when I ask him to, but he’ll start counting at random moments
  • the BEST hugs and kisses
  • he’s able to communicate all of his wants whether is chocolate or strawberry milk or sweet tea
  • how spoiled he is by his grandparents.  When I say “Pop-Pop” he responds with “presents?”


  • the way he wants to snuggle with me
  • how he has his favorite outfits he asks to wear
  • that he remembers things and wants to go see the fish every single day
  • his friendly personality- definitely takes after his Daddy
  • the fact that he practically dreams about play dough and his bath tub colors
  • being able to do more craft things with him
  • he helps me by putting the tablet in the dishwasher
  • he would eat pizza, chicken, & french fries for every meal  (I would too!)


  • he walks so well & he minds so when we go places we don’t have to worry about taking a stroller
  • baking rainbow cupcakes
  • watching him break out in a dance when an upbeat song comes on
  • when he falls (or somehow gets hurt) he asks me to “kiss it” then I ask if it’s better and he always says “yesh”
  • when he points to my face and says I’m his “best friend”
  • the never ending pile of hot wheels.. in the tub, in the bed, under the couch, etc. 


Two is an amazing age.  I knew I adored babies, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy toddlerhood.  It is just absolutely fabulous.

He has a temper and he can go from precious to down right mean in about 2 seconds, but still, two isn’t terrible.  It’s about learning and testing boundaries.  And pushing mama to the edge, then doing something that makes her forget about it in an instant.  


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  • >Just wait till 3! And than you get to 4 oh my!

    It's more of.. they change and get's tougher in different areas and what may have been tough before is easy. It's just them evolving. So I can't wait until… never! hahaha. I'm always gonna be stressed/annoyed/loving/excited about my kids no matter the age I am sure. 🙂

  • >What a great list! I agree with Alison. 2 was so easy compared to the 3rd and 4th years for us, but every child is different. Our oldest is 7 now, and that age presents a whole different set of challenges. 😛

  • >Kids are fun aren't they? Any age can be terrible or terrific and some days are better than others. I hate it when people compare their kids to my own, they are two seperate people so who cares!

  • >Spoken like a true mom!! Finding the beauty and "heart melt" in each stage! I agree! He sounds like a pretty terrific 2 year old!! Sweet notes!

  • […] room.  We took the kids to Alabama Adventure, Day Out with Thomas the Train and learned that age two was certainly terrific, but not terrible at all.  (Don’t worry, I’m paying for that with age 3.  Promise.)  […] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to