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Decorating on a Budget with Big Lots

Yep, I totally just said Big Lots. 

We’ll call it BL for short.  Because we are that close.

I’ve always liked BL, especially their scrapbooking section.  I would always find something that I had to have and I spent most of my time on that one aisle.

Big Lots logo

Then, I went looking for a sectional.  Preferably one that would clean well and be easy to take care of.  Life with kids, ya know.  I also didn’t want to pay $3000.  I went to every store in the area looking for something to meet my criteria.  I needed a couch that day.  We had sold ours and my in-laws were on their way to stay with us and I didn’t have anywhere for them to sit.  BL was my last hope and they had exactly what I thought I wanted.  I’ve since traded couches with my parents, because the sectional I bought was too large for our small living room.  They had picked up their couch at BL too though, so either way, I’m sitting on a piece of furniture from BL. 


Our too big for our living room sectional from BL.  So comfortable, but gigantic.  Looks great at my parent’s now!

The sectional I bought was made by Simmons and is over a year old now.  It still looks fabulous.  I never thought BL would carry quality pieces of furniture, but I’m here to tell you, they absolutely do.  And they have fantastic prices to boot.

Anyways, this wasn’t supposed to be a post about couches and BL.  I wanted to show y’all a few things I’ve picked up at BL lately to decorate with.  I find something new every time I go!

I picked up this Waverly tablecloth for $5.  They had a three different prints and matching dish cloths & towels.  I liked this blue and quatrefoil design. (Smoothie recipe coming!)


At $50, this lamp was more than I would normally spend.  Honestly, I would have walked out without it (and it’s matching brother) but my husband knew how much I loved them, so he twisted my arm and made me buy them.  True story.  That’s been about three months ago and I look at them and smile every single day.  No regrets!


These curtains were $13 per panel.  I love their clean, linen look.  The best part?  They are machine washable, so I don’t have to worry about ruining them!  (I so shrunk my last set.)


Those are my most recent Big Lots finds, but there is something new every time I go shopping.  They have a fabulous seasonal section.  I picked up some cute Easter things (a rug & a yard stake) on clearance a couple weeks ago.  Oh, be sure to check out their throw pillows too!

If you wanna see our living room, check out this post.

Do you shop at Big Lots?  Ever spotted a fabulous find there?  How do you decorate on a budget?

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