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Bella Grace at Three Months

Another month has passed and Bella is officially three months old today.  She has done a lot in her three months and we have several things planned in the coming weeks.


Last weekend, she had her first trip to the zoo.  She’s also been to the aquarium.  This weekend, she will go down south to visit family for the first time.  I can’t forget that it is also her very first Easter! 


What has she been up to the past month? 

She wakes up in a fabulous mood- something she most certainly does not get from me.  In the morning, she’ll peek at me and see if I’m awake.  If I’m looking at her, her entire face lights up in this gigantic smile.  She’s making me into a morning person, just because she starts it out on such a happy note.  She’s most content right when she wakes up and for the first few hours of the day.


She’s still sleeping very well at night.  I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, because he brother almost drove me crazy from the lack of sleep.  She usually goes to sleep between 9 & 10PM and sleeps in 3 hours stretches.  She wakes up to nurse and goes right back to sleep.  It is wonderful!


During the last couple weeks, she has started to show interest in play time.  She likes her activity gym and her play mat.  She loves sunlight, so I open the curtains during the day.  I had her laying flat on her back on her play mat and she rolled over.  It was only once about two weeks ago, but I still thought it was cool.  She scoots backwards on her back, so I’m constantly moving her back onto the mat.  She’ll also rotate around and around. 


Like her brother, she LOVES to be outside.  We put her swing on the back porch and she is content just soaking up the outdoors and watching her mobile.  She barely made a peep at the zoo and I know it was because she was enjoying the scenery and being outdoors.


Nursing seems to get a little easier every day.  She’s learning to latch on all by herself which I find funny.  I’ll be trying to get situated and ready for her, then I’ll feel her latch on before I’m ready, haha.  She’s getting plenty to eat, that is for sure.  Last week, she weighed in at 14 pounds!  You can tell she’s gaining just by looking at her.  She is getting so chunky- rolls galore.  I just love it!


She flat out refuses the bottle now.  It isn’t a problem at the moment, but I hope that we can get her to take one sometime in the future.  We even have one that looks like a boob, but she’s just not having it AT ALL.


Her hair finally laid down on Saturday.  Yes, I am noting this because it is the first time her hair has laid down.. ever.  It is usually just sticking up all over, but nope- not anymore.  I kinda miss her messy bedhead style already.  (Note:  After her bath, it went right back wild, but is a bit easier to manage now.)  Her hair is as thick as ever.  I cannot leave the house without someone commenting on her hair. 


Gosh, I feel like I’m forgetting something important.  Oh, she wears mostly 3 months and 3-6 month clothing now and is still in a size 1 diaper.  She is starting to giggle and bit and love to be talked to.  She wants your full attention and she’ll let you know it too. 

My mind is frazzled this week for lots of family happenings, so if I remember anything, I’ll update this post!




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  • >Bella is so cute! I love her hair! My daughter had a lot of hair also and it is true that people love to comment on that! I can really see her resemblence to her brother. Have a great Easter!

  • >Heart is simply melting!!! She is a precious child and looks like she has a great personality! Your description of mornings waking up with her next to you practically brought tears to my eyes! 🙂 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to