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Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 10

my favorite room in the house

Oh, this is a hard one.  I have already posted about Bella’s  fun & funky nursery and Bryson’s cowboy & western room.  Those are my favorite rooms, because they are 98% finished.  I’m always tweaking something, so that’s where the other 2% is, just in case you were wondering.  I love how Bryson’s reflects his personality and Bella’s is just darlin’. 

When it comes down to it, our kitchen is probably my favorite room.  It’s an eat-in kitchen and it’s pretty large.  My hubby wanted a red kitchen.  Because I picked out all the other paint colors in our home, it was only fair that he received his wish.  I really thought I would hate having such a dark color on the walls, but the room is very open and receives a ton of sunlight, so it works. 

When we bought this house, the kitchen was old and outdated.  The walls were paneling and the cabinets were very much in need of a face lift.  It had outdated laminate flooring too. 

Bryson was 8 months old when we purchased this home.

Old & outdated- told ya!

With a lot of hard work and a little bit of money, we completely changed the look of our kitchen.  My husband is a total handy man, so we (along with a few family members) handled all of the work ourselves.  He removed the paneling and hung some sheetrock.  We replaced the laminate flooring with tile and got rid of those countertops too.  I sanded the cabinets and painted them.  The only thing we haven’t replaced is the appliances.  We’d like to start replacing them one by one, but we have higher priorities right now.

Here it is this morning.  I’m still working on the arrangement of my teapots on top of the cabinets.  I’ve added to my collection, but I haven’t spaced them out.  Maybe I’ll do that today, haha.  The island you see was a freebie.  It was natural woods, all scuffed up, and the top had been burned with hot pans several times.  Hubby sanded it down, painted the lower half, and stained the top.  I love how it turned out!





The benches & high chair are on top of the table from sweeping and mopping.  No, we don’t leave ‘em like that, ha!

This is my favorite room in the house, but not just because I think it’s pretty.  I feel surrounded by love just standing in the kitchen.  The work that was put into it is amazing.  We spend a ton of time in it too.  Not only do we nourish our bodies in here, but our souls too.  Justin & I have our best chats while cooking and my parents come over for dinner at least a few nights a week.  It is certainly the heart of our home!



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