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Living Room Arrangement Dilemma

When I started on my post about my favorite room in the house, I started to pick my living room.  I spend the most time in it- I even sleep in it right now.  (It’s just a lot easier nurse on the couch & I don’t wake up hubby.)  Then, I realized that there is so much I want to change about this room.  I want to buy some new curtains, rearrange the furniture, and I’m looking at LCD TV stands.  Our current one is humongous and just not my taste anymore.


Don’t judge the state of my house this morning!

Last year, I wanted a sectional.  I was set on owning a sectional.  I found one I liked and I bought it.  What I didn’t realize is that I would have to completely rearrange my living room because of this sectional.  I still seriously love the sectional- it is so comfortable and easy to clean.  What I don’t love? Our TV has to sit in front of our large window because it’s the only way the sectional will fit in our living room.  The only solution?  Get rid of my beloved couch.

I want to love every room in my house.  I want to walk in each room and instantly smile.  That isn’t happening in the living room right now.  It’s time for change! 

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