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Bella at Two (2) Months

Wow, wow, wow.  My daughter has been here two full months.  It feels like just yesterday that I saw the word “Pregnant” light up.  So many worries that I had while pregnant now seem so silly.  I’m gonna get really honest here, so if you can’t handle it or have something negative to say, take in elsewhere.


I was afraid I wouldn’t love her as much as my first born.  I thought of this often.  Even though I prayed for her and wanted her badly, I was so scared that I wouldn’t feel the same way about her as I do Bryson.  I know that those thoughts are completely natural and I also know that they are completely unfounded.  Of course I love her as much as I do Bryson.  From the moment I reached down and brought her onto my chest, there has been no doubt.


I worried that I wouldn’t “cut it” as a mom to a daughter.  Up until the moment I realized I was having a daughter (a profound moment well before our ultrasound, I knew) I thought I was meant to be a mom to boys.  I truly thought God would never want me to have daughter.  I’m so glad I was wrong.  I may not know how to fix her thick, dark, but I will learn.  I am her mother, but eventually I hope to be her best friend.


So, what has Miss Bella Grace been up to for the past few weeks?  She started smiling right around the 5 week mark.  If you show her just a little attention, her entire face will light up.  She loves being talked to and held.  She has started to enjoy her swing a bit more too.  She’ll last around 20 minutes it, just looking at the moving mobile, and cooing at it.  She “talks” quite a bit and it is seriously the sweetest sound. 


She currently has her first cold.  I hate it.  She is congested and has a small cough.  I took her to the doctor on Wednesday and they said it is just a cold.  Unless she starts having trouble breathing,  she should be fine.  She weighed in a 10lbs 4oz.  She goes back for her two month check-up next week.


She has finally outgrown her newborn clothes and is wearing 0-3 months.  She has so many cute outfits and it makes getting her dressed a lot of fun.  It takes me longer to decide on her outfit than my own.  She’s wearing a size 1 diaper and going through them quite often.


We are still exclusively nursing and she is finally slowing down.  Last week and this week have been major improvements.  She is becoming more content to sit by herself and she realizes she can survive without being latched onto her mama 24/7.  She nurses about 3 times during the night and I love feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. She nurses at least every 2 hours during the day, but it’s much better then every minute of every hour.


The weather is finally warming up enough that we’ve been able to spend time outdoors.  She spent two hours outside yesterday afternoon and seemed to enjoy it.  I’m sure she just liked being out of the house for a change.  This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, so we’ll be outside soaking it up.


Bryson has finally started calling her “Bewwa” every once in a while.  Up until now, she has simply been “Baby” or “Baby Sister.”  He is so sweet with her and he likes to “tickle” her.  I have to remind him to be easy sometimes, but he loves her to pieces.  “Where’s Baby?” is his first question every morning.

I’ll update this post with her weight & length after her check-up next week.  (:


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  • >What great pictures, I love the last one of her crying. Are those picky stickies that she is wearing? I found out about them when my youngest was 5 or 6m, they are such a cute idea.

  • >Oh my god, so goddamn adorable. I especially love the last picture. hehe.

    And I TOTALLY thought the same things when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I thought there was no way I could love somebody as much as I loved my first, but I was completely, blissfully wrong. Both of my girls are just outrageously lovable. 🙂

  • >Oh my goodness, she is SO cute! I love all that hair!
    I had those same fears when I was pregnant with my second child. I also had a boy first and then a girl. It was like I loved my son so much, I didn't think there was room for my daughter. But of course, there was, and then I added a couple more!

  • >She is beautiful, and when that gorgeous thick hair grows out you will be able to put it into pigtails, and ponytails, and barrettes and braids…little girls are so much fun. Dont spend all your time worrying though girl, or you'll miss all the fun. My girls are grown now, and I have granddaughters…and a basket load of gransons too…even more fun than kids!!

  • >I could have written this post. 🙂 Well, almost. I do have a little boy who is 7 weeks and a little girl who is turning 3 in two months (so soon!). But everything you said about wondering if you'd love your second as much as your first and even thinking God meant you to be a mom of boys SO hit home for me. I thought the exact same thing about being a mom of girls! I was seriously shocked to find out I was having a boy, and a little concerned – LOL. But now, of course, I know how silly all that was. God really does know what He's doing! 🙂

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