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Yochi Yochi Shoes for Babies & Kids

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Yochi Yochi Logo

I fell head over heels (pun entirely intended) as soon as I saw the line of Yochi Yochi shoes for babies and toddlers.  Not only are they adorable, but they squeak when you child takes a step.  I know that can sound not so fun to some parents, but I think it’s a great idea- especially if you are in a crowded place.  You turn your head for just a second and a toddler will wander off.  With these shoes, you can just follow the squeak!

Product Description
Yochi Yochi is proud to introduce the latest trend from Japan here on American soil. Yochi Yochi shoes are made with a small squeaking diaphragm in the heel of each shoe which causes a small squeak when your child takes a step. The noise is fun, but we think it goes beyond that.

With the squeaking sound of every step, you can find comfort in that fact that your stealthy child will have a hard time getting away from your side without you knowing.

In addition to safety, many doctors have suggested that when children can audibly recognize their footsteps, the sounds can reinforce the natural rhythm of walking and actually help train them to walk.

We have not personally tried Yochi Yochi shoes, but will be receiving a pair in exchange for this post.  No other compensation will be provided and all opinions remain my own, as always.


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