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Changes Coming in 2011

……and I’m not just talking about a baby!


I’m going to try something new with my blog in 2011.  Instead of random posts, I am going to try out a schedule.  Of course, it will probably need tweaked here and there, but this is my idea for now.

Sunday: No posts
Monday: Menu Plan, Review and/or Giveaway
Tuesday: Recipe, Craft, Home Décor, or Cleaning Tip
Wednesday: Photo, (possibly) Review and/or Giveaway
Thursday: Thankful, Family Post
Friday: Review and/or Giveaway
Saturday: Super Savings (Deals post), Favorite Links

I think having a schedule to work with will help me feel less pressure and help spark some ideas for future posts.  Like I said, this isn’t set in stone, but I am going to try it out and see how it goes. 

Some things that I hope you’ll see more of in 2011 include home décor, food, cleaning, and craft posts.  My family and my home are the two most important things to me, so I want to share both of them with y’all. 

I will have another post up soon with my personal goals for 2011, including what I want to achieve financially and as a mother and wife.


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  • >oh my gosh, I kid you not, I once tried to follow a blogging schedule, and it looked just like this! I took off Sunday, had a Thankful Thursday meme, and well, it just looks the same, lol.

    It didn't work for me though…so now I decided I'll be happy if I post three times a week. In 2010 it was more like 8 times a week, and I got tired and overwhelmed. I bet you'll do awesome though, and I'm inspired to try Thankful Thursday again!

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