Bryson Family Happenings

M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE (Halloween 2010)

halloween, 2010 021 halloween, 2010 025
halloween, 2010 059 halloween, 2010 063

Bryson (a.k.a. Mickey Mouse) had a blast trick or treating.  The above photos were all taken at his Mawmaw Ruby’s and he loved all of the ride on toys she had.  Mickey Mouse had hands & feet to go with his costume, but he refused the wear them.  He was so cute that we didn’t think it mattered anyways!  We only visited family, because a two year old doesn’t really need that much candy.  Thankfully, his costume did not bother him at all.  That was my biggest worry- that he’d hate it, but he didn’t seem to notice it was any different than normal.


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