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Weekend Plans

My Gangan keeps Bryson every other Saturday.  She enjoys her time with him while Justin and I take advantage of the toddler free time to either relax or finish up some projects.  Here is what we have planned for this weekend:

  • Make a trip to Lowes for supplies
  • Move everything out of Bella’s room
  • Tape off Bella’s room for painting with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape
  • Wipe down walls
  • Prime walls
  • Paint walls (one coat on, letting it dry to see if it is going to need another)
  • Haul furniture outside
  • Use Gorilla Wood Glueto fix her dresser
  • Put the final coat of paint on her dresser & vanity
  • Clear coat furniture
  • Install new knobs
  • Hang shelf in Bella’s closet
  • Organize said closet
  • Pick up some baby/toddler hangers
  • Sweep & mop floors in nursery
  • Make a quick trip to Rite Aid to spend $5 that is expiring

So, I think we are going to be BUSY and we may be pushing it to even think we can get all of the above completed in less than 48 hours.  I am hoping we can get most of it accomplished between Saturday and Sunday.

Updated Saturday night with what we have accomplished thus far. It was too windy to spray paint today, so hopefully we will finish up her furniture tomorrow.

Updated again Sunday evening to check off things we have finished.


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