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Mom’s Must Have: Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

We have now owned our Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technologyfor almost a year.  We have used it pretty often and I could not be happier with it.  If something were to happen to ours, you can bet that I would buy another one in a heartbeat!


A couple months ago, Bryson became quite sick.  It was really the first time he had more than a cold and let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck.  I suspect it was a simple virus, but it made things anything BUT simple around here.  I told my husband that it felt like an induction into motherhood- diarrhea, vomiting, high fever- the whole nine yards.

I didn’t like the dirty diapers or the upchucking, but the fever is what scared me the most.  It got over 103 and this momma was freaking out.  This is where the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technologycomes into play.  It has a memory function that stores up to 8 readings.  Being able to look at his previous temperatures without the worry of actually remembering them myself helped me keep my sanity.  I could look through them and know that his Tylenol was kicking in and his fever was reducing.  When I looked through and realized his fever was going back up, I knew to check the clock and see if it was time for another dose.

This thermometer is lightening quick.  Bryson still despises it, but I cannot imagine trying to get him to sit still while I waited for a regular thermometer to read his temperature.  It also lets you know with a light and a beep that you have inserted it in the ear correctly and have received a proper measurement.  It is seriously fool proof!

It comes with lens filters and suggest that you use a new for every temperature reading.  They are super simple to put on and eject.  I once forgot to put one on and the thermometer will not work without it.  I have not had to buy a pack of lens filters yet, but I did spot them on Amazon and they seemed quite reasonable.

I am seeing this product listed on Amazon for around $50 and $70 with free shipping.  There are two models listed, but from everything I have read, they are identical.  I know that seems expensive, but I promise it is worth every cent.  I have saw this product used in our pediatrician’s office, so you know that it is accurate and well made.

I received this product in addition to a few others last year.  While I did review another item, I waited until I thought I could give a thorough review of this product.  After the virus mentioned above, I feel like my review is as thorough and accurate as one can be.  No other compensation was received and all opinions remain my own.


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